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Broken Xperia Z3 Plus?

Have you dropped your Xperia Z3 Plus? Damaged the screen or submerged it in water for longer than you should have? Then iMend is here to help. iMend are the Sony Xperia repair specialists and have replaced Xperia Z3 Plus screens, charging ports and even reversed water damage.

Since the Z3 was released we’ve had a number of Xperia devices mailed into us for various repairs including people who have cracked their Xperia Z3 Plus screens.

If you’re unsure on what is wrong with your device, why not take advantage of our Xperia Z3 Plus mail-in diagnostic service? iMend can carry out a diagnostic the day the device is received and advise on what Xperia Z3 Plus repairs would be required.

Xperia Z3 Plus repairs are performed via our Mail-in Repair service. You send your device to our main Repair Centre, we fix it generally same-day and send it back to you by next day courier

Worried about the safety of your device or data? iMend is backed by a five star reputation on independent review site Trustpilot. So you can be safe in the knowledge that our highly trained technicians are repairing your beloved Xperia Z3 Plus to the highest possible standards.