Will You be Buying an Apple Watch? Prices Higher Than Expected

UPDATE 10/04/2015: Apple Watches are now available for pre-order here


Last night Apple introduced a couple of new products as well as some updates to existing ones.  They started off proceedings by focusing on new prices for Apple TV, and the introduction of a new partnership with HBO.
Apple TV

The price of Apple TV has been reduced from $99 to $69 in the U.S. with a reduction seeing UK prices as low as £59.  There was no mention of a new model being launched yet, but this new price tag should appeal to more people around the UK with 25 million devices already sold Worldwide in the last 3 years.

12-inch MacBook

The second real talking point was the new 12-inch MacBook which has taken the Internet by storm this morning with its great design, clear screen and clever trackpad. The 2015 MacBook is thin and light and combines power with elegant design. The only issue is that you can be expected to pay £1,000 for a 12-inch laptop which will put a lot of people off.

12-inch MacBook

Having said that, this is the kind of spec you will get:

  •         1.1GHz dual-core Intel processor with Turbo Boost up to 2.4GHz
  •         8GB RAM
  •         256GB Flash Storage
  •         Intel HD Graphics 5300

Apple Watch Prices

We spoke about Apple Watch yesterday and nothing much has changed to what was already talked about. The biggest factor from last night’s conference is the prices and battery life.

apple watch versions

The Watch will last 18 hours from a full charge but a Power Reserve facility will still display the time up to 72 hours after a lot of features have been turned off. The actual charge time takes about 2.5 hours from 0% – 100%.

The question is, do you want a watch that needs recharging after 18 hours?

Apple Watch Sport

In terms of prices, the Apple Watch has several staggered prices depending upon the type of material you choose.  There are a total of 38 models to choose from on Apple’s site at the moment, and watch prices range from £299 up to £13,500 (that isn’t a typo). For your stainless steel Watch, prices start at £479 and rise up to £949. To put that into perspective, the high-end stainless steel watch is the same price as the MacBook.

If you want to buy the Apple Watch Edition, which is made from 18-carat solid gold, then expect to shell out an eye-watering £13,500.

Apple Watch Edition


The biggest issue Apple face is that rival Smartwatch sales have been very limited, so the price tag could prove to be an obstacle in terms of sales, collectively only managing 800,000 sales in 2014. (source: Canalys)

Release Date

They are certainly dragging out the release date for the Apple Watch; usually a launch date can be expected a few weeks after the announcement. However, you can’t buy a watch until Friday 24th April.

Wearable Tech Global Shipments

2013 2014 2015 (estimate)
Smartwatches 1.8 million 3.3 million 27 million
Wristbands 2.9 million 18 million 36 million

(Source: CCS Insight)

In Summary

Despite these Smartwatches looking elegant, stylish, and packed full of features, the price is the biggest talking point. Nearly £500 for a watch seems overly excessive and I can’t see many people shelling out that kind of money. For £70 more you can buy yourself an iPhone 6 at the end of the day.