The UK is Cracking Up: “5 Clumsiest Places for Mobile Phone Owners”

The UK is Cracking Up

With more than 83 million devices in circulation and a population of 64 million people, it’s a surprising fact that there are more mobile devices knocking around than people in the UK. Talk about a tech generation! (Source: Wikipedia)

With many people now having more than one phone; often a business and a personal phone, there are a huge number of repairs reported on an annual basis by our call centre at

The mobile repair market is still a fairly emergent market and thus statistics are not widely distributed or mature.  We therefore thought it would be interesting to dive into some of the stats that we have at our fingertips and share them with you.

As a nationwide mobile repair service we have taken a sample of our repairs across the United Kingdom to establish which are the clumsiest areas in the United Kingdom and which conurbations have been subject to more broken phones than the rest of the country.

To see how we have worked this out statistically, check the details below. Enough of the statistical stuff, lets get into more of the interesting bits and reveal our top “UK’s 5 clumsiest places for mobile phone owners”

 #1 London – 17.3%

london broken iphone screens

The Office of National Statistics reported that London is the most densely populated part of the UK. Whether it’s those last minute dashes to get on the tube, or knocking into people as you try to get through the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, London is a haven for cracks, smashes and water damaged devices, with 17.3% of our sample being repairs from London.

Drinking and mobiles just don’t go together, and London is also a prime spot in the UK for nightlife, with plenty of clubs and hundreds of party revelers heading into Covent Garden and the West End. With London Gov reporting a massive 250,000 tourists visiting Leicester Square each day, it’s no surprise our wondrous capital is the biggest area for phone disasters with broken screens as the biggest type of repair in our famous capital. Our lovely Londoners need to keep a tighter hold of their mobiles!

 #2 Birmingham – 11.2%

birmingham broken iphone screens

Birmingham is the Second city in the UK and stands amongst our sample as the second biggest area for clumsy mobile breaks at 11.2%

According to Birmingham Toolkit,  Birmingham is said to be the youngest city in Europe where under 25’s account for nearly 40% of the population. If you mix younger people with some of the country’s hottest nightclubs you are waiting for accidents to happen.

Broad Street is one of Birmingham’s busiest places with bars and clubs running across the street, and with a nation of selfie lovers, it’s not hard to see phone fall out of people’s hands and smash across tiled or concrete floors or a drink or two land on people.

 #3 Manchester –9.5%

manchester broken iphone screens

Manchester sits as the third clumsiest place in the UK when it comes to breaking mobile phones.

Manchester is a popular destination for students and in fact according to 2012 University enrollment figures sees Manchester having the second highest number of students in the country at almost 40,000.  In this particular area we do see a general spike in trends amongst a younger audience for mobile breaks which will be influenced by the heavy student bias. Manchester is also a lively spot with The Manchester Evening News Arena hosting loads of gigs with big audiences.

What this means is that plenty of teens and adults will have their phones at the ready to capture some special memories, but in the heat of it all it’s their poor Smartphone’s that take the brunt of a fun night out, getting stamped on and knocked about.

#4 Liverpool – 7.2%

liverpool broken iphone screens

The home of the Beatles, Stevie G and the European Capital of Culture,. It is also renowned for cobbled streets and the Albert Docks, and for those who don’t know Liverpool well, there is plenty of water about!

Whether you’re taking a boat ride across the Mersey or sauntering around the cobbled floors of the Albert Docks, there is an accident waiting to happen around every corner when it comes to your Smartphone.

We can’t forget that Liverpool also has its own energetic nightlife, which could be the icing on the cake for 7.2% of our repairs coming in from Liverpool.

 #5 Milton Keynes – 4.3%

mk broken iphone screens

Finally, and bringing up the rear in our top 5 countdown is Milton Keynes. Although Milton Keynes is one of the newest places in our list (becoming a new town in 1967) it has certainly seen its fair shares of cracks, spills and bumps when it comes to mobile phones.  With a population of just over 229,000 and rising, Milton Keynes inhabitants seem to be suffering from a severe case of butter fingers.

 In Summary

There you have it then, the top 5 places in the UK that suffer from accidents involving their phones. It’s a good job iMend is here to save the day with our nationwide call-out service! Otherwise these repairs wouldn’t have happened!

Stay tuned for our next article where will show you the bottom end of the table and which top 5 places have the safest hands across the UK.

 The complex stuff!

So, we have taken a sample of 5000 general repairs from our database at To guarantee a statistically robust survey we have ensured this is a ‘like for like’ representative sample across all key UK conurbations vs per capita population. In simple terms the spikes in population won’t affect the results as we have taken a fair sample from all key areas. General repairs refer to smashed screens, broken buttons or more extreme water damage – everything across the mix. We have then taken the top 5 areas which account for just under 50% of the total area audited.. Phew!