Top 5 January Sales Mobile Phone Deals

The January Sales Mobile Phone Deals are in full swing with many retails and networks battling it out to offer the best contracts on some of the latest mobiles. Flagship devices such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 have seen their prices slashed over the past week.

We have handpicked some of the best deals on offer right but beware, some of these January Sales Mobile Phone Deals may have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief:


EE – Samsung Galaxy S7 – £49.99 upfront cost – £25.49 a month

With talk of the Samsung Galaxy S9 just months away from being released, it was inevitable that the S7 was going to have its price dramatically deducted. The device itself is still regarded as one of the best on the market, offering customers a handful of awesome features. It’s 12-megapixel camera featuring Pro Mode adds definition to your daily snaps and it’s Quad HD screen enhances standout imagery.

Once you have paid your £49.99 upfront cost, this device can be all yours for just £25.49 a month. The contract comes with 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500Mb of data per month.


02 – iPhone 8 – £29.99 upfront cost – £60.00 a month

The iPhone 8 has not been given the credit it deserves. With its release just 2 months before it’s bigger brother the iPhone X, the all-glass device was overshadowed and shunned out of the limelight faster than you can say…’Think Different’. It has many standout features such as it’s water and dust resistant design, wireless charging abilities and 12MP dual camera.

O2 are offering a cracking deal for this device, with unlimited calls and texts alongside a mouthwatering 20Gb per month. It’s a fantastic deal for those who love to constantly search the web. If you buy before the 7th February, you could save up to £168.


Carphone Warehouse – Google Pixel 2 – £0 upfront cost – £29.99 a month

The device has been making a lot of noise over 2017, the Google Pixel 2 has been given incredible praise from critics and customers, boasting the best camera on the market alongside unlimited storage on Google Photos, its the perfect phone for a happy snapper. The Pixel 2 also features Google Assistant which can be summoned by squeezing the phone’s edges.

Carphone Warehouse are offering an unbeatable deal on this device. For just £29.99 a month, this phone can be yours. If you buy now, you could save a massive £200 on the device. Now that is a great deal! – Samsung Galaxy S8 – £135 upfront cost – £23.00 a month

Another mobile that has been popping up on numerous vendors and network sales, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has won countless accolades over the course of last year including Phone of the Year 2017 at The Mobile Choice Consumers Awards. The Galaxy S8 is the full package offering it’s trademark infinite display screen, a powerful 10nm processor and a 12MP dual camera.

Once you have paid the £135 upfront cost, the phone and contract will only cost you £23.00 a month. This deal just seems too good to be true!


Tesco Mobile – iPhone X – £0 upfront cost – £52.49 a month

Apple’s latest release has been the most talked about device of 2017. That’s pretty incredible seen as it was only released two months ago. The bezel-free phone has been turning heads with its elegant design and standout display. The original asking price for this device was freighting for many, with huge upfront costs along with a wincing monthly bill! The January sales has seen the device’s price drop to an all time low.

Tesco Mobile are offering an incredible deal for this device. At £52.49 a month with a £0 upfront cost, this deal is by far the best on the market. The only downfall to this deal is the 30 month contract plan. Not ideal for an Apple fanatic who is always searching for the latest Apple tech.

Buying A New Mobile Phone Is Not Your Only Option 

There are some great deals out right now and it may be tempting to purchase that device you have been desiring all Christmas. However, like most people, buying a brand new phone and starting a new contract in January may be completely out of your price range. Repairing your current mobile could end up being the better deal.

If your mobile is in need of a little TLC, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will have your mobile phone looking brand new. The cost of a repair will always be a fraction of the price of a new device, the average cost for a repair is between £60 – £80 and £39.99 for a simple battery replacement.  All repairs undertaken by an iMend technician comes with a 12-month warranty.

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