Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Phone this Summer


Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Phone this Summer

It’s summertime and that means our annual trek to warmer climates on holiday to top up our tans on the beach and take a relaxing dip in the hotel pool.  For the more adventurous summer marks the beginning of outdoor activities and adventure, including music festivals, camping, hiking and biking.  Our phones capture all the magic moments of summer enabling us to share the memories with our friends. We also need our tablets & kindles to immerse ourselves in our favourite summer read or films.  Summer marks fun for us all but can lead to misfortune for our phones, tablets and devices if we don’t look after them properly.

It’s important that we protect our devices from the issues associated with heat, holidays and summer activities to prevent damage to them. So sit back and take a read (even on your sunlounger) at our Tech’s Top Tips to Protect your Phones & Tablets this Summer.

Keep your Devices in the Shade!

We are all guilty of leaving our phones, tablets and kindles lying on sunloungers while we take a dip in the pool to cool down. While your body cools down our trusty devices could be overheating in the sun, which could lead to a series of problems.  A common issue with devices left in the sun is that the LCD layer of the device under the glass heats up and bursts causing the glass at the front of the device to shatter and a completely pixelated LCD screen to occur.

A more common issue is that the battery could swell under intense heat.  Not only does this mean that the phone now will not charge and will require a new battery, the swollen battery inside the device could push against the rear casing and screen of the device causing splintering and damage to both of these areas. Rarely and more seriously the screen can pierce the battery and there have been cases of the device catching fire.

Samsung battery swells in heat

Many devices like iPhone and iPads have a warning notification when the device heats up to high levels.  Our simple advice is to put the device in the shade, under an umbrella or your sun lounger.   

iPhone needs to cool down before use

The same problems can also occur if you leave you device in a boiling hot car in the sun.  If you then move the device from the boiling hot car to an airconditioned environment your device can have even further unfortunate problems.  Cooling your device down too quickly can cause
condensation to get trapped inside of the device, causing further damage and potentially water damage.

Keep your Device away from the Beach!

Sand from the beach can be a particularly nasty problem if it enters your device. Sand can infiltrate all of the small apertures in your devices, including charging ports, speakers, earpiece and jacks.  This can then cause the device to stop charging and get into speakers and break down these components so inevitably a repair here will be required. Sand can actually blister the battery inside your device and cause  the battery to stop functioning.  If you insist on taking your device to the beach then make sure it is in a good protective case where sand can not ingress and scratch the screen and back of the phone.

Mobile Phone on Beach

Select the Correct Reading Device in the Sun

A summer holiday marks the time for a good old trashy novel for the ladies and a sports biography for the chaps. You could however be at risk of straining your eyes and struggling to read your favourite novel if you don’t take the correct device with you.  iPads, tablets and smartphones can be difficult to read in bright sunshine even with the lighting settings adjusted.  Investing in a kindle prior to the holiday will ensure that you can read with ease as most models use e-ink which is designed to not use a backlight which is effective in the sun.

Using a Kindle on the Beach

Keep your Device away from Water

After scorching our body in the heat we all love the welcome relief from a quick dip in the pool or sea.  This however can have traumatic effects on your device and lead to a liquid damaged device.  Sea water is particularly nasty inside any phone or tablet as it contains salt and this is extremely corrosive and causes extensive, speedy damage to the device.  Salt causes everything in the device to oxidise at a much quicker pace.  The pool has equally disastrous consequences on your trusty device as the chemicals in the chlorine are much more corrosive than fresh water which means that damage that can occur inside your phone at a quicker rate.

Our advice would be if you are anywhere near water, don’t take your device and use an old device to stay in touch.  If however you can’t be without your phone or tablet invest in a waterproof case.

iPhone submerged in water

Check Out How Waterproof your Device Really is?

There are many fantastic waterproof devices on the marketplace, however before you immerse yourself in the pool or sea we would recommend you check to see how Waterproof your devices really are?

The Sony Xperia Z5 suggests that the phone is fully waterproof for 30 minutes for 1.5m, yet many pools have a depth of 1.85m.  Bear in mind that some smartphones and watches are splashproof rather than waterproof so it’s best to avoid taking a swim with them.  Our advice is just to be aware of the specifications of your devices before you enter any water.

Waterproof Mobile Phone

Be Careful When you do Outdoor Sporting Activities

The Summer can bring out the athlete in all of us and the dry weather encourages us to get fit and more involved in outside activities.  Running, biking, hiking and camping are all popular summer activities.  Again be aware of the potential hazards that can have an impact on your phones.  Runners and bikers report a huge spike in the number of smashed devices as they do not secure their phones correctly. An exercise fueled, sweaty hand can also potentially lead to water ingression around the phone home button after a workout that can lead to issues internally in the phone.  Take precautions to secure your phone if exercising and also dry your hands after a workout before texting a friend.

Running with an iPhone

Keep your Device Safe at a Festival

Summer marks a fantastic festival calendar of outdoor fun.  It is however important to be extra vigilant at these events with any devices taken to avoid theft and damage to your phones.  There are a few things that we would recommend to prevent festival phone carnage. Taking a festival phone is probably a good idea rather than your expensive smartphone.  Using your old phone or buying a “throwaway” sim only phone is better than blitzing your £600 iPhone. Make sure your phone is extra safe from thieves by ensuring it has a passcode lock on it and that you have a note of its imei number.  On iPhones ensure that the Find My Phone option is activated in case you lose your phone, so you can track your phone more easily.

Mobile Phone at a Festival

Don’t Overuse your Device

Overuse of your device is a one of the major factors associated with overheating.  Watching videos by the poolside, taking videos and excessive photos makes the batteries in the devices work harder.  Couple that with excessive heat from your holiday resort only adds further external heat to the internal heat already created by the battery.  The answer is let your device have some shuteye when you are in the sun. Also be smart and close down any unused apps and adjust the screen brightness so the battery is not working unnecessarily when it doesn’t have to and keeps the battery cooler.

Using Your Phone in the Sun

Watch Your Data Allowance Before Going on Hols!

While we are still in the EU ensure that your don’t run up £100s pounds of spend when you go on holiday, especially in Europe.  Be aware of the data and call allowance that you have on your phone.  Before you leave for your destination give your operator a tinkle and ask what rate you are set up to and if they have a traveller package.  Most operators will offer a daily rate if you are travelling in Europe of about £3-4 per day for using your UK call and data allowance in another European country.  Don’t overspend this summer without getting your facts together first or it could end up being one expensive trip.

Mobile Phone Data Limits

Protect your Device from Damage

They say it’s better to be safe than sorry and this is certainly the case with you phone. We advise that before you embark on any summer madness that you invest in a tempered glass screen protector on your phone and tablet to help protect against that festival pogoing and the drunken poolside smash.  It is also advisable to invest in a protective case that can take the impact of a drop. We recommend that you buy a white case so that this does not act as a conductor of heat for your phone and tablet and keeps your device cooler.


White iPhone Case


So, there wraps up’s Top 10 Tips to Protect your Device this Summer.  If your phone has made friends with heat or taken a swim in the surf we can get the devices back in action quickly with our network of hundreds of talented mobile phone & tablet repair technicians.

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