The Ultimate Guide To Protecting Your Mobile Phone This Summer

Summer’s here, and we’re all out and about. Whether you’re off to a music festival, sporting event, big holiday or just fancy an afternoon down the park, you’ll no doubt be taking your phone with you. The team have put together some top tips for protecting your phone this summer – and how we can help should you be completely stuck…


Get yourself a decent case and screen protector

You splashed out on some new togs for a summer wardrobe, so why not refresh the look of your phone and protect it from bumps and scratches at the same time? Phone cases and screen protectors are a simple and affordable way to prevent your phone from everyday damage as you holiday this summer. Thing is, there are a lot of flimsy ones out there so it’s worth the investment to buy something a little more robust – a decent case can be the difference between a cracked screen and simple superficial damage.

Here at HQ a lot of the water damage repairs we deal with involve phones that have been accidentally taken from a swim. Consider a waterproof case to prevent water damage (or if you’re feeling brave, just leave your phone in your shoe by the pool and ask someone to keep an eye on it).

Cases and protectors the team recommend:

  • Otterbox make some of the snazziest phone cases on the market. Colourful and stylish, they look great wrapped around your device and will keep it protected too. Check out their Resurgence series for military-rated drop protection!


If you’re after a waterproof case, look no further than Overboard. These guys are the best in the business – their phone cases are built to cope with water, dirt, muck and more or less anything else you could chuck at them, so perfect for a morning on the beach before Bear Grylls-ing it on the hills in the afternoon.

Screenshot (58)

And the folk at Zagg make some great screen protectors – they might look light and flimsy but believe us, they’re just the ticket.

Did you know also sell screen protectors?

Keep that pesky sand at bay

Sand – gets everywhere, doesn’t it? It’s a nice feeling when you swirl your toes in it but not so nice when loads of it gets clogged up in your smartphone and wrecks it.

We like this sand-resistant beach towel from Marks and Sparks – it looks great and it’s designed to keep everything under it completely sans sand – your mobile, ereader, beach bag – and your good self, of course.

One interesting product we’ve also seen is the Beach Vault – basically a water- and sand-proof locker you can throw all your kit in and lock 12-inch deep in the sand, keeping everything safe and secure.

Take a spare mobile for festival season


Off to a festival? Keep your main phone safe from harm by leaving it at home and taking a spare with you instead. When you’re bopping to Kanye West, you’d be forgiven for taking your eye off the ball in the fray of the crowd. Whether you’ve got an old device lying around in a drawer or you buy a cheap-as-chips pay-as-you-go, taking a spare phone is easy and hassle-free – and could well prove a life-saver. All you need is something that’ll do the job, so consider:

  • This Samsung E1200, a snip at just £3.99 (just make sure you stick some credit on too)
  • A tiny, festival key fob phone – aren’t they cool?

It’s thought that about 1-in-20 Glastonbury festival-goers have lost their phone, had it nicked or see it get damaged while at the event, so taking a cheap phone or one you’re not too bothered about losing means you can keep your smartphone safe and sound back home.

If you do end up losing your phone at a festival (or elsewhere), borrow a kindly soul’s device and download a phone-finding app like Find My iPhone or GPS Phone Tracker Pro to track your pesky portable down.

Control the temperature on the beach


Whilst it’s not for us to presume what the summer may yet throw at us, really high temperatures can cause phones to overheat. Your mobile likes the simple life – room temperature is the preferred environment, so direct sunshine and clammy pockets can be a problem for overworked and overheating batteries. If your phone is hot to the touch, remove it from its case and give it a rest and some time to air in the shade – I’m sure you could benefit too! Simple considerations like this could significantly extend battery life in the long term.

Last year, techies at Loughborough University said they were developing a super-amazing plastic that would significantly reduce problems with overheating mobile phones. But given it’ll be a while before we see it on Amazon, we’d suggest instead:

  • turning off any apps you’re not using
  • buying a glare screen so you can keep the brightness down
  • sticking it in airplane mode – or just turn it off!

Keep your mobile phone safe on a city break

Today’s mobiles aren’t cheap – if you sell a phone on our sister site SellMyMobile, for example, you can expect to get over £200 for an iPhone5s. So do what you can to stop it getting stolen.

Let’s say you go on a city break this summer: If you’re out and about your phone is going to be jumping out of your pocket quite a lot – whether you’re getting in touch with friends, navigating your way around the streets or snapping that all-important summertime selfie.

But it’s important to keep your security in mind. In some cities, the introduction of so-called kill switches in many smartphones has seen mobile phone theft drop (by 50% in London, for example). But phone thefts still account for around half of all street crime, according to the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit. And, as has been well-proven, there is a link between warmer weather and increased crime rates.

Snatch-proof your phone by:

  • Using an iRing, a sturdy grip attachment that adapts to your grip, keeping your phone safe and snug
  • Registering your phone on – register your details (it’s free). Police use the service every day to trace owners of lost and stolen property
  • Making a note of your phone’s IMEI number – if your phone does get stolen, you’ll need this number to notify your provider


Call the experts

Enjoying the sunshine, but something amiss with your phone? We don’t like to blow our own trumpet (well, not all the time), but are the only mobile phone repair service with call-out coverage across the country. We endeavour to come to you within 24 hours to diagnose or fix your problem. With our research showing two-in-five of us are wandering about with a broken phone, give us a bell then get back to enjoying your holiday!

Have you got any tips and tricks for keeping your phone safe and sound? Share them below.