The Safest Hands in the UK: Top 5 Cities That Take Care of Their Phones

In early February we conducted a study of the 5 most clumsiest places in the UK for mobile phone owners. From Lands’ End to John o’Groats we pulled back all the repairs that our iTech network have carried out to date, to see which city was crowned the clumsiest. The results certainly drove a lot of engagement across our Social Channels!

The Safest Hands in the UK:  Top 5 Cities That Take Care of Their Phones

So just over a month on, we wanted to check out the lower half of the table, in particular the bottom 5 places in our database. These are the places that have seen the least amount of mobile phone repairs based on a sample of 5,000 national repairs. You can see more information on how we have worked this out at the very bottom of our post.

#1 – St. Albans – 0.26%

The birthplace of Sir Francis Bacon, and the city that saw Stephen Hawking educated, St. Albans lies just north of the London area in the county of Hertfordshire. As a location that is steeped in sporting history from Rugby, Cricket and Hockey you would be surprised that St Albans comes in as one of our safest places for mobile phone owners, but they do.

St. Albans, England

St. Albans, Hertfordshire

With 0.26% of phone repairs registered in this dormitory town within the London commuter belt, they just about make our list. Obviously, St. Albans residents know exactly how to look after their phone and prefer to keep them safely stored before heading out for a game of cricket!

#2 – Chichester – 0.21%

Located in West Sussex, Chichester is the only city in this county and is renowned for its collection of art galleries, museums and theatres. A prime place for pulling out a mobile phone to take some inspiring and memorable photos of exhibits and displays, but funnily enough it is one of the safest places in the UK.

Chichester, England

Chichester, West Sussex

Even with the River Lavant running through the city of Chichester there are few water damaged diagnostics reported, showing the residents of this Cathedral city are a careful bunch of folk!

#3 – Durham – 0.13%

As we hit the midway point in our list we venture northwards and into Durham which sits on the River Wear just South of Newcastle. Clocking in 0.13% of repairs this area of the country shares a similar theme with most of our other locations mentioned on our list, and that is the historic landmarks it boasts.

Durham, England

Durham, County Durham

Despite sitting on a river and offering tourists and locals the chance to take some wonderful panoramic photos on their phones of castles, heritage sites and cathedrals, Durham proves to be a safe haven for the trusty mobile phone.

#4 – Hereford – 0.08%

As we approach the top spot crowned the safest place in the UK for mobile phone owners, we take a trip to Hereford which is situated West of St Albans which came up at the top of this list.

Hereford, England

Hereford, Herefordshire

Hereford, like many places in this post lies on a River.

You will find many water sport activities in Hereford from the Hereford Rowing Club, to the Kayak Club that stretches across the area and the River Wye. The pattern certainly continues here, with residents more careful with their phones when there is a danger of losing them to the water!

#5 – Ripon – 0.04%

Finally, we come to our best place to live in the UK if you want to keep your mobile phone free from breaks, smashes, and water damage. That place is Ripon, which is located in North Yorkshire and guess what?

Ripon, North Yorkshire

Ripon, North Yorkshire

Yep, you guessed it, Ripon is situated at the confluence of two tributaries of the River Ure so yet again another place on our safe list that sits in or around water!

If you live in Ripon then we salute you for keeping your phones in shipshape condition!

In Summary

One pattern sticks out like a sore thumb in the places that require fewer repairs, and that is rivers. It seems that areas which are surrounded by rivers, or have rivers running through them prove to be the safest places in the UK to own a mobile phone. Obviously the water hazards make these residents more tuned in to where they leave their mobiles, and how they look after them.

Now For The Stats!

The stats above were taken from a sample of 5,000 general repairs which have been extracted from our database. To guarantee a statistically robust survey we have ensured this is a ‘like for like’ representative sample across all key UK conurbations vs per capita population.
What that means in English is that the spikes in population won’t affect the results, as we have taken a fair sample from all key areas throughout the UK.