Mobile Phone Diagnostic: The Ultimate Health Check For Your Phone

Here at iMend we’re masters of the mobile phone diagnostic. That means if there’s something amiss with your phone or tablet but you’re not sure exactly what, we can give your device the ultimate health check to diagnose what’s wrong.

From poor battery performance to problems with reception and sound, we can forensically examine every facet of your device. Then fix it. Here’s how our diagnostic service works.


Is your phone down in the dumps? On the blink? Won’t turn on? Keeps making a funny noise? Then it probably needs a health check. Pop your mobile phone in the post to us and we’ll give it the most comprehensive analysis.

Our diagnostic service at a glance:

  • Our diagnostic service is available by post
  • We use specialist equipment to test all software and hardware
  • We find out what’s wrong, quote your for repair, then we fix it
  • Same day repair, next day delivery by courier

IMG_7703 WEB (1)

It’s simple: if you aren’t quite sure what’s wrong with your phone then a diagnostic’s needed. We use advanced computerised analysis software (this is one heck of a machine) to test all areas of your device. Our call-out engineers won’t have access to this technology, which is why you have to post it in to us.

Typical problems we see include:

  • Your phone won’t hold charge after battery replacement
  • It keeps turning off
  • You can’t get a signal or wifi connection
  • It feels slow and unresponsive to touch


iMend diagnostic service step-by-step

  1. Post your phone in to us
  2. Once we receive it we’ll give you a bell to acknowledge
  3. Our diagnostic experts will initially complete simple hardware checks to look at the overall appearance and observe visible damage
  4. Then your phone is plugged into our analyst computer which tests battery and earpiece issues before looking at every element of your phone
  5. The machine then produces a full diagnostic report
  6. We’ll then give you a call letting you know the issues and any other repairs needed
  7. If we can fix your device we’ll deduct the diagnostic fee from the overall repair change – nice
  8. We’ll crack on with the repair, then post your phone back with a 12-month guarantee


Our advanced diagnostic software works out,  at near-forensic level, what’s wrong with your device. Check it out:DSC_0201This computer programme tests everything – wifi connectivity, touchscreen functionality, you name it.


You’ll also get a full diagnostic print-out detailing every aspect of your phone. Here’s what it looks like:


As you can see from the image above, this powerful tool lets us check for problems with:

  • Wifi connectivity
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Charging functionality
  • Audio functionality
  • Button functionality
  • Display
  • Touch screen functionality  
  • Battery health


How long does a mobile phone diagnostic take?

An analysis report and full test can be done in 5 minutes. And, as long as there’s nothing majorly really wrong with your device, we repair it on the same day and post it the next. 95% of mobile phones and tablets that come in to us meet this benchmark.

Business phone health check

If you’re a business owner or IT manager with a lot of corporate mobile phones to look after, come to us. We offer a bulk diagnostic service for business mobile phones. So if you’ve 100 devices and you don’t know what’s wrong with them, send them to us – we’ll test them and get them back to you.

We also offer a data removal service, great for peace of mind if you have confidential information you want to manage.

Why use it?

It’s the ultimate business or consumer technology health check. We quickly identify what’s wrong with your device, fix it speedily, and get it back to you. Remember that a diagnostic could flag-up hidden problems with your phone, potentially saving you money later down the line.

Book your phone or tablet in for a repair here.

How Does An iMend Call-Out Work?

In the olden days, if you wanted your mobile phone repaired you’d have to:

  • Trudge into town and queue for hours to get it fixed
  • Post it into your provider and wait 2 weeks to get it back


Not any more. offers you a hassle-free alternative: mobile phone call-out repair. Yep, we repair your phone at your home or at your office, right there in front of you.

This blog post answers your frequently asked questions and clarifies the benefits of the frankly fabulous iMend call-out service.

 iMend’s call-out service at-a-glance

We’re the UK’s first and only nationwide call-out mobile phone repair service available. Our skilled engineers will repair your phone, wherever you are – at home, in the office, in the pub – on the same day you book it in.


Our call-out service covers:

  •        Screen and LCD problems
  •        Broken glass and buttons
  •        Charging port issues
  •        Charging problems
  •        Battery replacement
  •        Sound issues


And if your phone can’t be fixed, we operate a no fix, no fee policy. call-out repair in 5 easy steps

Step 1 – Get in touch with us

Damaged your phone? Not to worry – give us a ring, email us or book in online and we’ll sort you out. Getting in touch is easy:


We’ll then arrange for a local iMend technician to come out to you at a time and place convenient to you and get your phone ship-shape again.

confirm repair

Step 2 – We’ll confirm your repair

Next, you’ll receive a call from your engineer within about an hour. The techie will run through your repair in full and confirm the best time and place for the repair to take place.

At we recruit the best technicians in the industry, they are all expertly trained and have undergone rigorous technical and background checks.


Step 3 – The repair

The iMend technician will arrive at your door to carry out your repair. They will ask you where you would like the repair to take place – a clean surface such as a kitchen table or office desk is ideal, but wherever’s convenient for you.


Step 4 – Job done!

Once the technician has completed the job, you’ll be asked to approve the repair and check the device before payment. You can pay with cash or debit card, and remember – if the phone can’t be fixed, you don’t have to pay. Either way you will get a receipt.


Step 5 – After-service commitment

For all our repairs, we provide a 12-month warranty for parts and labour, because we want you to be 100% happy with the repair you’ve paid for.

It’s as simple as that. Our expert service is flexible to your needs and waiting for your call. Need a repair? Book it in with today!

Quality mobile phone repairs come to Northern Ireland

Today, the atmosphere at iMend Towers has been a joyous one – we’ve been celebrating our recent expansion into Northern Ireland! Woo-hoo!

This means that if you live in Northern Ireland and your iPhone has a cracked screen, you’ve dropped your Samsung in water, your brand-new Nokia has gone on the blink or your iPad is smashed to bits, we can help – our mobile phone and tablet repair service means we have skilled engineers ready to get out to your home, workplace or even your favourite coffee shop and fix phones throughout the whole of Northern Ireland including the following areas:

County Antrim
County Armagh
County Down
County Fermanagh
County Londonderry
County Tyrone

IMG_7714 WEB

Why use iMend in Northern Ireland?

  • call-out service – the only company to offer a UK-wide call out service
  • speedy mail-in service (we aim to post most devices back the next working day)
  • professional, friendly, fully-vetted technicians
  • no fix, no fee* (except water damage)


We specialise in more or less everything!

We repair all mobile and tablet devices including those made by:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • HTC
  • Sony
  • LG


Have a phone or tablet that needs fixing?



Local Midlands Business, embraces Stafford University Graduate Scheme

A Birmingham company has launched the country’s first nationwide, same-day callout service for fixing broken smartphones. is the first company to provide a UK-wide mobile phone repair callout service, with technicians on stand-by to mend iPhones, iPads and Samsung mobiles.

keir mcconomy iMend
Keir McConomy, Founder of

What is unique about iMend is that their repair technicians actually go out to customers at work or home to fix their phone.