Quality Samsung Screen Repairs from iMend

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iMend are trying to better our service on a daily basis, to come up with more efficient ways to process your repairs and to try and make repairs as cheap as possible without neglecting quality.

iMend now offer the cheapest Samsung screen repairs price via mail-ins on completed, fully bonded screens.

Many companies will offer to repair your Samsung broken screen but will only replace the front glass, but as Samsung phones are a completely sealed and bonded unit, just replacing the glass is not enough. Only a slight misalignment on the glass can cause you to experience problems with your touch screen. This can mean when texting you will touch the wrong letters or numbers making it almost impossible to use if you are a frequent texter or emailer.

At iMend we only used complete units which comprise of the LCD, the digitiser and glass when we fix Samsung phones. This way we can ensure that your phone comes back to you as good as new, completely sealed and in perfect working order.

If you have a broken Samsung and would like a quote or would like to book a repair please go to www.imend.com