Repair Your Old Devices to Gift for Christmas


The countdown to Christmas has started! With less then two weeks until you, your family and friends will be exchanging laughter, joy and a whole heap of presents –  there is one present that many are hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year…a new mobile phone.

A mobile phone may be one of the most requested presents on everyone’s Christmas list but the price for a latest model will have you reaching for the mulled wine. As you may know, the iPhone X is selling for as much as £1000 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for just under £900. Even older models such as the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S6 could see you forking out over £500 and these devices were released over two years ago. It may be time to start searching for other alternatives.

With this in mind, a very popular idea for Christmas 2017 is to gift an old mobile phone to a loved one. It’s a truly wonderful idea! Recent studies show that this is becoming a common trend among families, with 30% of parents passing down their mobiles to their children. A large proportion are being offered as presents for birthdays and other special occasions. But with Christmas day just around the corner, expect this percentage is set to rise.

iMend Can Facelift Your Old Device So It Looks Good As New!

But how does gifting an old phone relate to Well, during this time of year many parents and family members get there old phones repaired so they can gift them to their children or friends ahead of the big day. Over the past few weeks, the number of repair requests have rocketed!

iMend have seen in the past three years a 25% uplift in the number of devices being booked in via our mail in and call out service for brand new screens, batteries and rear housing (phone backs) to be gifted during the Christmas period. Many savvy parents love the fact that can repair their devices so they look and operate as good as new as well as providing a fantastic post test report that accompanies the device.  Each device comes with a 12 month warranty that ensures your Kids Chrimbo gift stays in cracking (pardon the pun) condition! Your gift ends up looking good as new as the recipient is none the wiser on Christmas Day.

With the average repair costing between £60 – £80 and simple battery replacements around £39.99, it makes complete sense for a second-hand device to be repaired and gifted. Compare this to a brand new device which costs hundreds this really is a great, cost effective way of providing a gadget gift to your loved ones this Christmas.

Which Mobiles Are Popular To Gift?

As expected, phones that are offered through gifting do not tend to be the latest releases. Many parents and family member pass down mobiles that are recently out of contract or have just been paid off and replaced by a recently released model. This year, the most popular models that iMend have seen repaired for gifting are the iPhone 6S and Samsung S6, two models that are just over two years old and commonly being downgraded by parents or working family members. But phones are not the only devices that come in to be repaired and then gifted.

Tablet devices are just as popular. For the same reasons as mobile phone gifting, tablets can be extremely expensive to buy brand new. It’s fair to state that there has been a sharp rise over the last month in tablet repairs ahead of the festive period, particularly, iPads. Other devices such as iPods, Samsung Tabs and Microsoft Surface Pros are also commonly repaired at the iMend repair centre.

Many customers are also repairing their old devices to sell on for extra money to top up their Xmas budget. As stated in a recent blog post, you could make up to £100 from repairing and selling your old phone. This amount of cash could be really beneficial over the ever expensive winter months.

Is There Time to Get My Device Fixed And Returned For Xmas?

With two weeks to go, can easily repair and fix most faults across all makes and models.  iPhone screen repairs and charging faults can be repaired the same day via our call out service.  Samsung screens and other models will be repaired and sent back to you in 2 -3 days via our mail in service. are the leading mobile phones and tablet repairs service with over 250 technicians working on our network across the UK. All parts used by our technicians are triple A quality and each repair comes with a twelve month warranty. Click here to book your repair in time for Christmas!