iMend Phone Repairs – iTech of the Month

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Every month we choose an iTech of the month based on the amounts of reviews and praise we receive from our customers as well as reviewing the quality of work from our iTechs around the country.

This month we congratulate Javehd, who has been delighting customers and conducting mobile phone repairs left right and centre.

We spoke to Javehd and asked him about his life as an iMend iTech:

1. How long have you worked in the industry?

Javehd has been working in the industry for 5 years, improving his skills and becoming an expert in the field of phone repair, at iMend we aim to employ only the best and most trusted technicians.

2. What do you love about being an iTech?

“The satisfaction of doing the perfect job for a customer and being part of a friendly and well organised team, as well as getting to meet so many lovely customers! It’s good to leave customers with a smile on their faces”.

3. Whats the worst job you have had to go to?

The worst job Javehd has ever encountered was where he had to give the sad news to one of our customers that their phone was beyond repair, the phone had been dropped between the sides of aeroplane seats and then the seats had been adjusted, crushing the phone in the mechanism. “The phone was a total wreck, it looked like it had just come from the scrap yard!”, Javehd.

4. Whats the phone you have to fix the most?

As many of our iTechs find, Javehd gets called out the most to fix iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s the most. Due to the fact that the phone is fairly new, and the iPhone 6 is currently still fairly expensive, these are very popular.

5. What’s the strangest scenario you have ever encountered?

“I had to go out to out to a restaurant to fix the owners daughters phone, the experience was very surreal. I ended up fixing the phone on one of the tables in full view of all the other diners in the restaurant. Everyone was eating whilst I was repairing the phone!”. Luckily Javehd kept his cool under the pressure and fixed the phone with success.  

6. What gives you the most job satisfaction? 

“Doing a god job the right way and thus ending up putting a smile on the customers face at the end”.

7. What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Javehds response was, “At the moment I am going on 3 mile runs every weekend which I enjoy very much.” Not only are out iTechs dedicated to our customers but to their fitness too!

Look out for our other iTechs of the month, let us know if you have any nominations yourselves. Maybe you have encountered an iMend technician that has been an absolute delight or given you excellent customer service.

If you would like to nominate an iTech, comment in the blog comments, or if you would like to book a repair with one of our iTechs click below.

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