Phone Repairs Double as Celebrates 1st birthday

iMend celebrates its 1st Birthday since the launch of its website, the UK’s first nationwide call-out mobile phone repair service, has announced that phone repairs have doubled in the last three months alone. The team are now processing up to 700 repairs a week, fixing on average one phone every 21 minutes since the website went live one year ago. Since the website launch, has built up a network of over 200 experienced repair technicians around the country, and most recently launched in Northern Ireland.

Some interesting facts since our website launched one year ago!

Call Out Mobile phone repairs

  1. Repair technicians have driven 139,500 miles around the country fixing broken phones in locations as diverse as pubs, airports, a boat on the River Thames and even a massage parlour.
  2. As Brits enjoy the convenience of being able to call out a repair technician to fix their phones whenever and wherever they want, we reveal that the most common type of repair is a broken screen – we have fixed 19,000 screens over the last year alone.
  3. The iPhone 6 is the device which is called out most often for repairs, accounting for 29% of all of our phone repairs.
  4. The biggest day for phone repairs was on Monday 21st September, just a few days before the new Apple iPhone hit stores, when the team fixed 225 phones and tablets in just one day.

London is home to the UK’s clumsiest phone owners, where 17.2% of’s phone repairs happen, followed by Birmingham and Manchester. It’s perhaps not surprising that big cities still top the list thanks to their bustling nightlife, student hubs and busy town centres.

Mobile Phone repairs across the UK

Top 5 hotspots for call-out mobile phone repairs (source:

City Percentage
London 17.3%
Birmingham 11.2%
Manchester 9.5%
Liverpool 7.2%
Milton Keynes 4.3%

Keir McConomy, founder of, commented, “40% of Brits say that they cannot last a day or more without a working phone. We therefore knew that there would be demand for a service like, especially as we now expect to be able to call-out services whenever and wherever we want – from the food we eat, to getting our laundry done. When we launched, we spent a lot of time working hard to establish a network of repair technicians around the country, because we wanted to be accessible for anyone, not just those in the big cities. So wherever you may be, will always be able to help fix your phone when you need it most.”

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