Mobile Phone Repair – Would you Wait Over a Year?

How long will you put up with a damaged mobile phone? We know the story – it’s all too easy to drop or break a phone, crack a screen or fall victim to any of a number of weird and wonderful mishaps, but we’ve seen too many damaged devices here at and have often wondered how quickly people will wait before they get their phones mended.

Mobile Phone repair – would you wait over a year?

Take that old classic – the cracked screen. Often some people may opt to delay a mobile phone repair – worrying about the expense, the hassle and importantly the amount of time people fear they will spend without their favourite gadget . Not everyone’s aware that with iMend you can get it fixed in the same day, for a great price, with no hidden surprises!

But how long, exactly, do people put off a mobile phone repair? We ran a poll and got 286 smartphone users to tell us exactly that, along with what region of the country they live in, how old they are, what make of phone they have and whether they are male or female. So take a look at the results to see where you fit in!


There must be something in the air in the West Midlands – residents of the area certainly seem to have their heads straight, spending the lowest average amount of time with a broken handheld by some distance. Less than half, in fact, compared to the East Midlands, and less than a third of the time compared to the UK’s worst area for cracked screens – South West England.

mobile phone repairs

People from Dorset, Gloucestershire, Devon and the like may have supped on a few too many draught ciders and clotted cream teas, with almost a quarter of those polled taking a year or more to fix a phone, and just 27% getting it fixed almost straight away. By comparison, just 3% of the West Midlands did the same.

Region Average number of days
West Midlands 28.6
North East England 43
East Midlands 63.2
Scotland 68.6
South East England 70.5
Yorkshire and Humberside 78.4
Wales 82.8
North West England 84.9
East Anglia 90.8
South West England 92


Who wants to have a guess at whether males or females are more likely to put up with a broken smartphone? Will it be the patient, less accident-prone fairer sex? Do men value the street-cred their shiny new gadget affords them enough to have it repaired in double-quick time? Well perhaps surprisingly, there’s not a lot in it. On average men put up with a cracked screen for 69 days compared to 72 for women. 17% of the women polled put up with the damage for a year or more and a snappy 20% had it fixed in around a day, with men proving slightly less tolerant with just 15% lasting the year. So by the looks of things there’s no gender gap when it comes to fixing broken smartphones!

Gender Average number of days
Male 68.8
Female 72


After a rather uninspiring result from the gender study we’re wondering if age makes a difference when it comes to putting up with a broken phone. Will hard-up students wait until they’ve put enough aside from their beer-fund to get a phone fixed or is it important to flash a shiny new gadget around to impress their friends? Are middle-aged folk too hard at work to find the time? How about retirement age, surely there’s not as much of an excuse here?

Mobile phone repairs age bracket

Well perhaps surprisingly it’s the 35-44 year olds that are most responsible when it comes to taking care of their handheld, and by quite some margin. This age range clearly doesn’t enjoy walking around with a smashed phone, lasting an average of just 12.7 days before sending it off to get fixed –nobody in this bracket was willing to wait longer than a month. Professional users certainly appear to need their mobile phone in ship shape. This is less than a quarter of the time of the next quickest age range – those heady studenty years of the 18-24 year olds. Just 13% of the youngsters waited a year or more to fix a device, though they’re not exactly quick on their feet either, with the same amount taking just a day.

The poorest performance came from the 45-54 year olds – too busy in the boardrooms to get a phone fixed perhaps? Or maybe by this age you’ve impressed everyone you need to and a smartphone just isn’t as important a status symbol – 20% take a year or more to sort themselves out.

Age Average number of days
35 – 44 12.7
18 – 24 57.7
65+ 68.5
55 – 64 68.5
25 – 34 72.4
45 – 54 82.6

Make of phone

So onto our final category – make of phone. Surely we’ll see some interesting patterns here, with Apple products very much about the aesthetic will people be willing to carry a damaged one around for long? Are Blackberry users responsible enough to get problems sorted straight away?

Back of a HTC

Not quite. In fact the audience that was most responsible with their phone was HTC users, lasting an average of 37 days – in fact just 7% of people who own everyone’s favourite Apple-bait waited a year to get their phone fixed. Apple itself fell bang in the middle with an average of 70 days, and interestingly included a wide spread of ages, so any thought that the uber-brand is more the realm of the young and hip appears unfounded. The worst offenders by far were Sony users – perhaps extra frustrated that their waterproof, toughened smartphone even got damaged in the first place, these poor folks took an average of 171 days to fix a phone, with a whopping 42% taking over a year. Following our look at the most susceptible age ranges it should come as no surprise to hear that, as with Blackberry users, the vast majority of Sony customers were in the older bracket – 80% were aged 45 or over.

Phone make Average number of days:
HTC 37.4
Nokia 44.2
Samsung 54.9
Apple 70.4
Blackberry 76.8
Other 99.9
Sony 171.1


So what has all of this taught us? Well, that if you’re looking for someone with a cracked smartphone you should travel to the South West of England and find a woman aged 45-54 carrying a Sony. It’ll be far more likely than finding one on a middle-aged man from the West Midlands with an HTC. But mostly, it’s just a bit of fun. And remember, if any of the wild generalisations we made here are true and you don’t have time to get a smartphone fixed, we’ll come to you, and we’ll be out of your hair in under an hour – so no more excuses!