IT Professionals opt for Business Service

Inside the iMend Repair Centre is largely known as the “go to” place for on-demand call out mobile phone repairs. Our talented techs come to the users nominated address and repair their phone in front of them. iMend have built up an array of 5 star reviews from thousands of customers who have booked and loved the repair service, but just as many repairs are now being completed for businesses across the UK, as more and more IT Professionals realise the value in opening an Business Account. for Business is growing faster than any other part of the the iMend offering.  In fact some of the biggest companies on the high street and most famous brands are calling on the iMend technicians to repair their companies phone and tablets.  

So why would thousands of IT Professionals sign up for an Business Account? Here’s 10 reasons..

1. Avoid Employee Downtime – Stay Connected!

Companies spend tens of thousands of pounds a year on buying and managing the inventory of mobile phones & tablets.  These valuable assets are then given to their employees as a key tool in their role. Think about service technicians on the road, engineers who need to stay connected, salespeople who rely on their devices as the principal tool in their kit to stay connected.  If these guys are without their devices it’s an expensive time for the company as not only is the sales person out of action the company has to think about the dreaded swap out that kills time and money. iMend guarantees the fastest option with a same-day call out or insured collection and speedy repair of any device.

Stress free phone repairs for your employees

2. Save Money & Repair

It’s cheaper to repair a device than buy a brand new one.  Many companies report a swap out bill of tens of thousands of pounds per year as their cupboard of old phones and tablets carries some serious dust.  Not only can iMend’s repair option save an IT Professional 70% of the value of a swap out, even on the most expensive repairs like screens, it is dutifully saving the IT Manager’s budget to apportion in other areas.  Extra brownie points for those ultra savvy IT operators.

Save money and repair damaged devices rather than replacing them

3. Hit Company Environmental Objectives

Companies are now signing up to CSR and carbon footprint policies and getting better value out of their asset base.  The term “sweating your IT asset base” is fundamental in ensuring that excessive waste and maintaining a product’s lifespan is adhered too.  Phones and tablets can last up to 5 years longer and with high quality repairs can ensure that the devices are loved for a lot longer and the asset therefore does not depreciate as quickly on the P&L

Repairing can extend the lifecycle of your devices

4. Repair Option Opens Up as IT Managers are no longer tied into Contracts

Companies now can opt for Business Sim Only Deals. Previously businesses were tied into long and excessive contracts with operators which were costly for the business. With many SIM only deals IT Managers are responsible for maintaining their own device stock whether they lease or they buy the device outright. Businesses now require transparency between the cost of the device and the cost of the line rental, which means the world or repairs is becoming much more important. Now IT Negotiators may keep hold of their older phones and tablet base for a longer period of time and buy into value and cost effective business SIM only deals. This means that the the world of repairs becomes a cheaper and essential one for the IT operator at a company.

Cost Effective Business Only Sim Deals

5. A Professional Invoicing & Admin Service

Up until now many of the repair offerings in the marketplace have lacked a professional back end solution that offers. A repair has had to be paid in cash or upfront, which doesn’t suit most business systems. iMend have developed sophisticated software that can manage multiple cost centres, multiple repairs in different locations and ensure approvers stay in control of users expenses. iMend business accounts come with a credit and invoice facility. So all repairs are professionally managed by a full back end accounts team.

Professionally managed repairs supported by a credit / invoice system

6. A Repair offering with Nationwide Coverage

A majority of companies have a Nationwide presence even if this just means their employees travel over the UK. iMend have nationwide coverage and as such can meet the needs of the ever changing remote working culture and professional service desk managers needs. Previously for multi site businesses IT Professionals would have had to use multiple repair companies across the country. iMend is the only nationwide company in the UK, with 300 technicians on the road that can offer a single point of repair support. We can also repair any make or model of phone, so if a company has a mixture of different devices can fix it. iMend act as a One Stop Shop For Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs for Businesses.

iMend's Nationwide Call-out Coverage

7. iMend offer a Professional IT Incident Service Desk

Modern Service Desk and IT professionals demand a speedy, prompt and professional service desk team to log faults and issues that can create downtime and problems in their business. This is because that is exactly what is expected of them in their business! This is exactly what have developed – a solution that today’s IT Professional would expect! iMend have a team of highly trained service desk specialists, all trained in customer service and mobile phone front line issues. iMend also have a team of technicians available immediately to speak to business customers over the phone to discuss issues and seek advice about the devices. All businesses get treated as a priority customer. They have a private email address and a team of business professionals that will respond to a repair issue within minutes and ordinarily will organise a repair on the same day.

The iMend Service Desk

9. A Data Protected Repair Solution

Companies have worried about the data protection of their assets in the past. This is a very justified worry and one that has prevented IT professionals from using a repair service. iMend has turned this worry on it’s head by ensuring that their repair centre is fully data protected and every single technician on its system is DBS and background checked. iMend also adheres to strict, published protocol and has clearly published terms and conditions on it’s website. With clients from councils, government, police forces, education, MOD and huge well known corporates the days of worrying about data protection are less sensitive for companies.

iMend Adheres to Strict Data Protection Guidelines

10. The Speediest Repair solution in UK

IT Professionals have been put off yesterday’s repair solutions due to the length of time they have taken to get a device back into operation. Waiting around at a Genius Bar for an average 14 day repair, sending the device back to the manufacturer which takes over a week for the device to reappear is a non starter. The inconvenience and time taken to organise the repair would have tested the patience of a saint. iMend positions itself on speed and convenience. With a call-out solution of same day and an average ETA of 1-3 days at it’s repair centre for multiple devices, it’s service has revolutionised the idea of repairs for thousands of IT professionals.

The iMend Call-out Car’s Commercial Director, Sarah McConomy comments “In a business market where there are millions of people that need to be connected on a daily basis, previous solutions for repairs haven’t been able to meet the expectations of modern IT & Procurement people.  IT Professionals have been tied into contracts that mean they can only swap devices out or have been put off sending devices to somebody they can’t trust. have created the only solution targeted to meet the needs of the busy IT, Service Desk and Procurement Professional to half budgets, save time and provide a totally stress free experience for employees and the whole business”.  

With a no fix no fee policy on most repairs and a 12 month warranty ( iMend are the Number One repair choice for businesses for a reason!

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If you would like to open an account please simply complete the few details here and a Business Manager will be in contact within minutes to approve your account and talk through the next steps.  There are no setup costs and the business account can just be used as and when you have a repair needed.

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