Is your Mobile Phone Repair Covered by The Manufacturer’s Warranty?

We receive plenty of calls each week from people who aren’t sure if a repair is covered under the manufacturers warranty. As a general rule, if the fault is due to the way the device was made then it WILL be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

manufacturer's warranty

If the fault is due to something you have done to your phone then it WON’T be covered.

So, for instance, if you have smashed your screen then this unfortunately voids the warranty and you will be responsible for the cost of getting it repaired.

Here is a general guide that will help you understand how manufacturer’s warranty works:

Manufacturer’s Warranty Repairs


o Any hardware or software fault due to the way the product was manufactured.

o Any faults due to defective parts.

Does Not Cover:

o Any faults due to accidental damage eg. a broken screen, or water damage.

o Any faults due to wear and tear.

o Any devices that have previously been repaired other than via the manufacturer’s warranty process.

o Any device that has had the main components customised such as customisation to the screen, frame or buttons.

Manufacturer Warranty Periods

Manufacturer Warranty
Apple 12 Months
Samsung 24 Months
HTC 24 Months
Sony 24 Months
Nokia 24 Months

If the problem is covered by the manufacturer warranty we recommend that you contact the company you bought it from, then get the phone repaired under the warranty as this will be free, and the device will remain under warranty. However, if you need the repair to be done quickly and within a few days then iMend can provide you in a quicker solution.

How Quickly Do You Need Your Phone Repairing?

imend repairs

Although the repairs are free when you use the manufacturer’s warranty, the turnaround times for the repair service are typically quite slow, and you will be without your phone for between 7-10 days whilst it gets fixed.

We understand that being without your phone for such a long time can be frustrating so if speed is of the essence and you it doing quicker, then use iMend. Our repairs do cost but they are not as expensive as you may think and the advantage is that most repairs can be done on the same day, meaning that you and your beloved phone are reunited quicker than using the manufacturers warranty service.

All iMend repairs also come with our own 12-month warranty. For any repair, we can help!  We can repair almost any problem with any make or model of phone and we can give you free technical advice and a no obligation repair quote. Get in touch.

Commonly Answered Questions

I have accidentally smashed my phone screen, is this covered by manufacturer’s warranty?

No. Unfortunately this type of claim would not be valid under your warranty because they don’t cover accidental damages to your device.

I want to customise the look of my phone, is this covered by manufacturer’s warranty?

Just like your car insurance policy won’t insure you for certain vehicle modifications, a warranty policy will not cover you if you have made any changes to the casing, screen or other component on the phone. If you don’t customise your phone then you will be covered by the warranty.

My phone will no longer turn on, is this covered by manufacturer’s warranty?

If something inside your phone has caused this to happen then warranty will cover this for you. Just don’t try and attempt to resolve the problem for yourself because any signs of the phone being opened up will result in you voiding your warranty.

Note: Be sure to double check the phone hasn’t just crashed by trying to power it back up by connecting it to iTunes, or plugging it into a main charger in case the battery has just hit 0%.

I dropped my phone in the bath! Is this covered by manufacturer’s warranty?

This is one of the most common problems for electrical devices like phones because they are always in the palm of your hand, or sitting on your desk at work next to a mug of coffee or a glass of water. Whether your texting your friends from the comfort of a nice warm bubble bath or trying to juggle a cup of coffee, you are waiting for an accident to happen. Unfortunately any kind of liquid damage to a phone isn’t covered by your warranty.

I want to jailbreak or root my phone, will this void my warranty?

Anything that alters the state of your phone like this will void the warranty; this includes rooting your phone as well. Whilst jailbreaking is a legal practice to unlock the ability to download apps that aren’t authorised by the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft, it does remove strong security precautions from your device and won’t be covered under your warranty policy with the manufacturer.

Rooting your phone is again legal but voids warranty because you are essentially gaining root access to the phone whereby you can gain higher privileges to what you can install on the phone. This includes the ability to tamper around with the operating system, apps and system settings that would otherwise be inaccessible to you.


I want to unlock my phone from the network, will this void my warranty?

Now, this is a tough one because you can unlock your phone and stick to your warranty terms and conditions but you need to double-check everything. If you unlock your phone using a third party company or software package you may void the warranty but if you were to approach your network directly and ask it to be unlocked they will provide you with the correct procedure that will abide by your warranty.

Even though this method is official, I would just ask the network and try and get it in writing before you do go through with entering the unlock code.