All iPhone Battery Replacements Reduced To £29.99

iPhone Battery Replacement

Apple announced a huge price reduction on iPhone Battery Replacements in December 2017. Their cut-prices have been a great benchmark for all Mobile Phone Repair Companies with many slashing their prices.

It’s fantastic news for the customer, swapping their battery for a fraction of the original price. have followed in Apple’s footsteps by reducing the price of all iPhone Battery Replacements. The latest price is  an incredible £29.99 across both mail-in and call-out services.

Why Use Our Service?

Apple have 38 nationwide stores which mainly cover cities and larger towns. However with over 250 iMend Certified Technicians dotted across the UK, it’s iMend’s goal to offer a professional and convenient Mobile Phone Repair Service to those living outside of these higfh populated areas.

From quite counties such as Cornwall to small northern towns such as Market Harborough, offer the highest quality service at your own home or office, fuss free.

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