iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

iMend.com are the only nationwide call-out mobile repairs company in the UK, with over 300 technicians. In addition, we operate one of the busiest repair centres in the UK where our talented iTechs are able to repair any tablet or mobile phone.

This iPhone 7 has picked up a nasty smash in the corner of it’s screen and needs an iPhone 7 Screen replacement. This is a challenging procedure but our experienced technician Karol makes it look like a piece of cake.

When repairing the iPhone 7, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration. We asked Karol to give us some top tips when repairing this device:

– ” First things first, make sure your work space is completely tidy. A messy work surface can lead to losing screws or other small components.”

– “Make sure you disconnect all source of power, otherwise you could get a nasty shock!”

– ” Make sure all of the screws go back into the correct holes. Not all of the screws are the same size. If you were to put a screw in the wrong hole, this could lead to long screw damage, possibly drilling into your motherboard and writing the phone off.”

– ” When stripping the old components from the old screen to the new screen care and precision is essential, particularly when removing the earpiece, proximity light sensor and the front camera flexes. If not done with precision, the proximity sensor can part with the flex.”

Repairing your own phone can be disastrous, leading to you having to pay more on repairs or killing the mobile completely. Leave these technical procedures to a professional like Karol or one of our nationwide call-out technicians.

If you would like an iPhone 7 screen replacement look no further than iMend.com. Click here to see the different repairs we do for this device.