iPhone 6 Timelapse: A 20 Minute Screen Repair in 2 Minutes

john fixing a phone

Over the past couple of months we have shown you many broken phone images, featuring before and after shots, as well as some of the worst condition phones. Remember the bullet phone?

What you don’t see is the amount of work that goes into a screen repair, so instead of boring you with a 20 minute video we thought it would be pretty awesome to create a timelapse of our head of repairs fixing an iPhone 6 screen.

This is the phone before iMend got to work on it:


Now here is the timelapse:

The finished product:


An iPhone 6 screen costs £199 to replace with our Mail-In only option (which is the only option we currently have at this stage), and that comes with a 12-month warranty. So if you have been unlucky enough to drop your new iPhone 6 and smash the screen – then iMend it.