67% Say The iPhone 6 Plus is Too Big


A few weeks ago we conducted a poll with the aim to find out whether you thought the newly released iPhone 6 Plus was just too big to class as a phone. Well, the results are in!

The iPhone 6 Plus is a massive 6.22-inches in height which towers over the iPhone 6 which is 5.44-inches high, whilst the width of the iPhone 6 Plus measures up to 3.06-inches which is slightly bigger than the iPhone 6 which comes in at 2.64-inches.

In terms of weight the iPhone Plus weighs in at 172g, when matched up against other similar sized phones the 6 Plus actually comes in much lighter. For example, the Nexus 6 weighs 184g and the Lumia 1520 is an incredible 209g. The iPhone 6 Plus is closer in weight to the likes of a Sony Xperia Z2 which weighs in at 163g, but only has a height 5.78-inches.

Therefore the iPhone 6 Plus may be a lighter model of phone to carry around with you, but due to its sheer size the votes certainly swing in favour of the iPhone6 Plus being too big.

Is an iPhone 6 Plus Too Big? Poll Results Are In

Out of the 63 people that voted on our poll over the last 2 weeks, 42 voted in favour of the iPhone 6 Plus being too big, whilst 21 people thought that there was nothing wrong with the size of the new Apple device.