Break Of The Day – iPhone 5S in mystery accident!



Our seasoned repair technicians have seen almost every type of damage that can befall a phone, and it’s normally quite easy to see what’s happened to a phone when it arrives for repair. Drops, bangs or a quick swim are usually clear to see.

But this recent repair has got us scratching our heads. The damage to this iPhone 5S is so severe, we just can’t work out who or what could have caused this damage, and how it could’ve happened!

All we can say for sure is that it’s been in a very nasty accident – possibly involving industrial machinery.

Unfortunately for the owner of this iPhone, the damage is more than skin deep. Whatever went through the front of this phone did it’s best to try to get all the way through and out the back too:



We’d love to hear what you think could have happened to this iPhone, because we’re really not sure!

The favourite theory in the office is an industrial press of some sort, but we’ve also had suggestions of:

  • Slammed in a car door
  • Shot
  • Driven over


What do you think happened to this phone? Let us know in the comments if you’ve got another idea.