iPhone 5 Screen – Break Of The Day


Ouch! iPhone 5 screen repairs are one of the more common issues we come across here at iMend Repair HQ, however this one was particularly interesting.

The iPhone in question had been the unfortunate recipient of a severe squashing, completely knocking out chunks of glass and LCD, and leaving the phones internal components on display.

IMG_1699Happily, although the glass screen had been destroyed, the internals of the phone were not too badly damaged. Our skilled iTechs could quickly strip down the phone, replace the damaged items and rebuild the phone again.


iphone-5-botd-fixedOnce it was all rebuilt, the phone was thoroughly tested to check all damage had been repaired, before returning the phone to a delighted customer.

If you’re putting up with a cracked screen on your iPhone 5 – don’t! Our repairs are the most convenient way to get your phone repaired, and all come with a 12 month warranty.

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