iPad screen replacement: Why you’ve got to mail it in!

If you have a broken iPad you’d like fixing, we’ll ask you to post it in to us. Unlike our other repair services, we don’t offer iPad repair as a call-out. Here’s why.

Alan, our senior technician, talks us through the process…

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Why don’t iMend.com do iPad repair as a call-out?

Repairing iPad screens is a delicate process and one the team at iMend.com want to get absolutely right. There are 3 main reasons we ask our customers to post their broken iPads in for repair:

  • Repairing a smashed-up iPad is a completely different repair job to fixing an iPhone
  • It’s more labour-intensive and it’s messy (if we came to your house we’d make a right old mess – and we’d be there for ages!)
  • It involves using potentially dangerous equipment – we don’t want to leave bits of glue and glass on your kitchen table!

In my experience as a senior technician, a standard iPhone repair takes about 25 minutes – we pop to your home or office, do the repair, then hand you back your fixed-up phone.

But because an iPad has a wider glass surface, an iPad repair takes a lot longer, and because we care about what we do, we want to do the best job for you. That’s why we only accept iPads through the post.


So here’s how your iPad, should it get bashed to bits, will be repaired at iMend.com HQ:

  1. First, we bring out our heat plate or heat gun. We use these tools because the adhesive that melds the glass screen to the rest of the iPad is super-super-strong – so strong it needs heating up to about 65 degrees (the temperature is even hotter with a heat gun). The extra sticky glue needs heating up to be flexible enough for us to remove the screen.
  2. So – once we’ve removed the screen it takes us about 13.5 minutes (we’ve timed it) to remove any excess glue and shattered glass.
  3. Next, we get the new screen, test it to make sure it’s a-okay and working properly, then get ready to apply it anew.
  4. We apply some more glue to the screen, pop the iPad back on the heat plate and leave it to cool for 15 minutes – enough time for the adhesive to fully bond with the screen.
  5. Then we get some clamps out – these are vice-type bolts that bond the screen and tablet together. Three on each side, then we leave everything to cool down. This takes about 45 minutes or, if there’s time, we leave it overnight.
  6. For a professional finish, we wrap the shiny iPad up in a cling-based wrap to help it to settle and ensure a really even finish. We like to do things properly.


Want us to repair your iPad?

  • Book it in online here or give us a ring on 0333 014 4262.
  • Pop it in a Jiffy, Wrap it in protective packaging, Royal Mail it and we’ll let you know as soon as we receive it.
  • We’ll tell you when your device is repaired and ready for dispatch (we send everything via tracked courier).
  • When you get your iPad back, it’ll come with a 12-month warranty on parts and labour (details here).

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