Inside the Repair Centre

The iMend Repair Centre are the UK’s leading mobile phone and tablet repair business, processing hundreds of thousands of repairs every year with thousands of delighted customers.

iMend offer two types of repair service:

1.) An on-demand call out service where an approved iMend technician goes out to a customer at their work or home location, usually the same-day to repair their device. This call-out service is predominantly used for iPhones.

2.) Not all devices can be repaired on-site, other devices that require more advanced repairs are completed at our Repair Centre.  With this service the customer will send the device into the Repair Centre and the team repair the device and return it via a tracked next day courier delivery. operate one of the busiest repair centres in the UK, employing some of the most experienced and talented technicians.  The iMend Repair Centre, based in the Midlands is fully Data Protected and all technicians are DBS cleared which means that the centre is approved to fix devices for councils, schools and official establishments, so customers are always 100% reassured that their data is safe.

All our technicians are DBS checked, in a data protected facility

The iMend Service Centre is a Data Protected Facility and all it’s technicians are DBS Checked. Offer Specialist Repairs


The iMend Service Centre offers full Advanced Diagnostic Solutions & Soldering.

As well as repairing screens, charging ports and batteries the iMend Repair Centre has a wide range of specialist technicians that have full competency in diagnostic, liquid damage and board level repairs. Our Repair Centre carries out repairs for all the most popular makes of phones and tablets including Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony & Huawei but can actually repair almost any problem with any make of mobile device.

The iMend Repair Centre is used by hundreds of customers every day who mail their devices in. iMend’s repair service is used equally by both consumers and businesses. iMend is proud to be the Approved Repair Centre for some of the biggest brands in the UK, so are setup to handle high volumes of Corporate Repairs and Bulk Repairs.

iMend - One of the busiest repair centres in the UK

Our Repair Centre is one of the busiest in the UK.

What Makes a Great Technician?

The iMend Repair Centre has some of the most experienced technicians in the industry, all with an array of skills and expertise. Technicians range from Team Leaders, Tablet Specialists, Liquid Damage Repair Experts and Masters of Micro Soldering.  iMend thought it would be opportune to spotlight some of the Technicians and their skills and put a few faces to the names behind the devices that are repaired.

 Damien Harris - Head Technician, Robert Allport - Repair Centre Team Leader, Jordan Turner - iPad Specialist, Mark Beardsmore - Soldering & Board Specialist

From left to right, Damien Harris – Head Technician, Robert Allport – Repair Centre Team Leader, Jordan Turner – iPad Specialist, Mark Beardsmore – Soldering & Board Specialist are proud to have captured some great young talent that no doubt will be rising stars in the repairs industry moving forward,  No better testament to that is Robert Allport, one of the Repair Centre Team Leaders. Rob at the young age of 22 is responsible for delegating the repairs to his group of technicians, setting service levels for the team and talking to customers about technical issues and the status of their repairs.  Having been a technician for over 3 years and a fully qualified electrician in a previous life Rob’s real passion has been anything IT related and in fact he has been rebuilding computers for over 8 years.  

When asked what makes a good Repair Centre Team Leader, Rob states that “it’s all about having a good team and working together, so communication, patience, pragmatism and thinking on your feet are skills that make a really great Repair Centre Team Leader”.  

Rob is also proud to be managing an Apprentice Programme at, where he is training two brand new mobile phone apprentices and feels that anyone who has a passion for electronics, is a team player and is pedantic by nature could make a good mobile phone technician.

Robert Allport - Repair Centre Team Leader

Robert Allport – Repair Centre Team Leader in his natural habitat, with a phone in hand

The Repair Centre also repair tens of thousands of tablets every year, so tablet specialists are very important to the business.  Jordan Turner knows that all too well and focuses most of his repair time repairing iPads, Microsoft Surface Pros and Galaxy Tabs. Jordan has been a technician for nearly 3 years now and states that a successful technician “will have a hunger to establish how devices work and how they are put together.  Ultimately you have to have a very inquisitive mind and be ready to ask many questions to diagnose what is wrong with a device

Jordan feels proud to be part of iMend as he feels that there are many opportunities for career progression. He also feels that iMend are taking the world of repairs into a much more professional arena with better quality standards and focus on customer care.

Jordan Turner - Tablet Specialist

Jordan Turner – Tablet Specialist and an iPad Guru for

Developing young talent at the Repair Centre is very important and Head Technician Damien Harris has 15 plus years experience as a technician and trainer, so takes team development very seriously.  Damien recalls that the first device he ever repaired was even before the Nokia 3310 became popular and knows his way round nearly every tablet and phone.

His career started as a hobby, repairing friends & family’s devices to owning his own shops and ultimately being a key technical lead for technicians.  

Damien states that he’s always been “obsessed with making things work and is a naturally calm and patient person so these skills generally make a good tech”.

He continues; “A technician is much more than a device fitter, they are problem solvers and have to have quite an analytical mind to ensure that multiple avenues are investigated at each stage of the repair”.

Damien Harris - Head Tech iMend Repairs Centre- Training a new technician

Damien Harris – Head Tech iMend Repairs Centre- Training a new technician

The iMend Repair Centre prides itself on offering specialist repairs including board level soldering and advanced diagnostics.  A man that is all too familiar to this is Mark Beardsmore who has a keen eye underneath the microscope and completes some of the repair teams soldering repairs.

Mark is also a Sony Specialist and claims that to be a great board level tech you have to have “a perfectionist syndrome at all times”.  

He states “with every repair I put my own name to this, so i need to ensure that I do everything in my power to ensure the device is working when it leaves the iMend premises”.  

Mark Beardsmore - Master of Micro Soldering

Mark Beardsmore – Master of Micro Soldering

The iMend Repair Centre has a pool of experienced and talented staff who are successfully processing tens of thousands of repairs a year but one thing is very clear in talking to the team that everyone is really clear of iMend’s business values and proud to embrace the values of “ownership”, “continuous improvement” and putting the“customer first” at all times.

iMend are continuously developing their Repair Centre, so If you are interested in a career with us we’d love to hear from you at

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