iMend – Our Vision


iMend was born from a simple, but ambitious, idea –

We want to provide the very best phone repair service in the world.

We realised that for many years the phone repair industry had been the wrong way around. Customers were expected to take time out of their already busy days, take their phones to repair shops and often leave them there for several hours.

iMend is different. iMend is the UK’s first nationwide call-out phone repair service where repair technicians come to you.

Our nationwide team of highly skilled phone repair technicians (our iTechs), will come to you at a time and place that is convenient for you and repair your device in front of you in around 30 minutes. We have repaired phones in offices, houses, hotels and coffee shops up and down the country – because we believe that’s one important way we deliver the best service to you, our customers.

For almost all repairs we can fix your phone in front of you. You can be absolutely sure that your phone, and all the data on it, is perfectly safe because it never leaves your sight.

We want to put the customer at the heart of everything we do. So every part of our service is aimed at giving you the very best service we possibly can.

Here are some of the things we think set iMend apart:

✓ We come to you – it’s the most convenient way to get your phone fixed
✓ No need to interrupt your day – we repair your phone while you carry on with your plans
✓ All our repairs come with a full 12 month warranty
✓ Your phone and data are safe
✓Our iTechs are the best in the business
✓ No Fix, No Fee – if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay a penny
✓ Our customers love us – read our testimonials here
✓ We’re trusted – we have repaired tens of thousands of phones
✓ We offer a nationwide service across the UK
✓ Same Day repairs are normally available
✓ We love to give great service

If you need to get your phone repaired, iMend offer the most convenient, risk free, guaranteed repair service in the UK – and we would love you to consider us.

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