Provide Mobile Phone Training to Fire Service offer leading training programmes for mobiles and tablets, providing both standard and bespoke courses for businesses and public services across the UK. Each programme is taught by a training expert, ensuring that every trainee will complete the course with a solid understanding and the practical skills to perform their own repairs to a professional standard.



Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service contacted iMend Training to look at offering a Training Course at their premises to 9 of their Technical Communications Team across the three different counties making up the Thames Valley – Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Royal Berkshire.  Mobile phone devices are a lifeline to the Emergency Services and there is a need for team members to get any broken devices back in action very quickly.  With this in mind, worked with Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service to design a training programme delivered at their HQ site in Kidlington to teach a mixture of new and intermediate trainees how to repair iPhone & Samsung devices.

Sarah McConomy, Director of, stated; ” iMend have cornered the market with training for consumer and corporate customers including new technicians, high street retailers, police forces, government bodies.  As one of the largest repair companies in the UK, they are perfectly placed to offer the best practice, professional and real-world training courses.”

Sarah McConomy and Sarah Mackay of the Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service worked in collaboration to create a bespoke training programme to cater for the service’s mobile repair requirements during an intense one day training programme.

Due to the fast nature of emergency services, the Fire Service teams wanted to learn how to repair mobile devices to ensure a speedy and efficient solution to any of the ‘wider teams’ mobile issues ensuring they are back in action promptly.

During the training programme, each member performed a range of the most common repairs on the iPhone 6S and Samsung J5 (2016 and 2017 models) including best practice repair guidance across screen replacements, charging port repairs, battery replacements and pre/post device tests and diagnostics.



Sarah Mackay,  who organised the training commented  ” The team members from the three Fire & Rescue Services found the course fantastic. The training was enjoyable, useful and practical which all of the members benefited from.  I will be looking into more courses for additional team members in the future.”

Other members of the course were also thoroughly delighted with the training given by our expert. Denis Lenihan stated,” An insightful course with a friendly and patient trainer, thanks Rob!” are the industry leading mobile and tablet repair trainers. As one of the largest repair companies in the UK, iMend have the ability to deliver superior training requirements delivering all of you practical needs in environments conductive to the clients.

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