Now in All ASDA Phone Shops!

iMend in Asda Phone Stores

iMend’s Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair Service is Now Available in ASDA Phone Shops. We are proud to be ASDA’s “Official Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs Partner”

ASDA Phone Shops are situated in selected ASDA Superstores & ASDA Living Stores across the UK.  The ASDA Phone Shop Team are now all ready to book in Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs powered by the iMend Service Selected as Trusted Partner in ASDA

Take a look at a few pictures of our technicians and the ASDA Team who are ready to book in your Repairs

iMend in Asda Phones Shops

iMend Mobile Phones in Asda

iMend in Asda Phone Shop

We can repair any make or model of Mobile Phone or Tablet, so if you do want to find out about the nearest ASDA to you or to book your device in with us, please give us a call on 0333 014 4262 or visit here.