Find The Cheapest Petrol Stations With This Handy App

Today is a special day on the calendar for every vehicle owner out there, for today is World Petroleum Day! A day where we celebrate the joys of…petrol.

Find The Cheapest and Nearest Petrol Stations With This App

No one likes paying for petrol, there is nothing worse than pulling up into the forecourt, filling up your car and seeing the price you need to pay slowly rise on the digital display. However Petrol is one of those necessities in life to get us all from A to B, so being able to find petrol stations and the cheapest prices just makes it that little bit easier for drivers.

To celebrate this glorious day, we wanted to provide you with a brilliant app we found for finding the nearest petrol stations and getting the best deals.

WhatGas Petrol Prices

The WhatGas app is a really handy app that can help you find the best prices and nearest petrol stations for Unleaded, Diesel and LPG in the UK. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry App World, and best of all its absolutely free of charge.

You will be given a list of petrol stations that are located around you, the price per litre at that station, and you will also see when the price was last updated.

WhatGas Petrol App

You can also share your results to help your friends and family discover the best petrol stations in their area.

WhatGas Petrol App

If you are wondering what kind of petrol stations are covered in the app then you will be nicely surprised that WhatGas tends to cover all major petrol station brands, such as Esso, BP and Shell, whilst also displaying results for supermarkets like Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s and Sainsbury. The WhatGas app also covers off smaller brands like Texaco, Jet, Murco and even independent fuel stations across the country.

How to Check on Desktop

If you want to check prices on a desktop or laptop then it is worth taking a look at which will allow you to search by postcode or town, and then show you the highest and lowest prices within a 5 mile radius of you for unleaded and diesel.

petrol prices

Note: You need to sign up in order to see the prices and petrol stations.

There you have it, filling up your car, van or bike doesn’t have to be a complete drain on your finances. Using apps like WhatGas or the desktop site Petrol Prices can help you save a lot of money in the long-run.

Happy Petroleum Day!