Buying iPhone X? Is It Worth Repairing Your Old iPhone Before Selling It?

repairing iphone before selling it

It’s finally here. After months of anticipation, the iPhone X has finally been released in the UK. Thousands of fanatics have queued for hours, many overnight, to get their hands on Apple’s latest masterpiece.

Whether you waited in a tiresome line or were lucky enough to get the device delivered to your door, the gaping hole it has left in your pocket cannot go unnoticed. At £999 for the 64Gb version and a wincing £1,149 for the 256Gb model, you may need to consider selling your now old phone to a recycler or buyback company to claw back some cash. If you are still undecided on whether to buy the iPhone X, the high prices you can receive for your current device may sway your decision.

Before you start searching for the best price, you need to check the criteria that recyclers follow when deciding how much money you will receive for your device. The value of your mobile is marked against the phone model, the network it is attached to and the condition it’s in. The condition of the phone can potentially slash your estimated value by 80%. But is it worth getting your iPhone repaired before selling it to a recycler? This investigation looks to answer this burning question…


How Much Could I Receive For My iPhone if Repaired?


Table ii: Results from the iPhone 6s (16Gb)

Table i: Results from the iPhone 6s (16Gb)

Table iii: Results from the iPhone 7 (32Gb)

Table ii: Results from the iPhone 7 (32Gb)


The tables above look to compare the price of a damaged and working mobile phone among five different recyclers. The iPhone 6s and 7 were picked as the most relevant mobiles for this analysis as these particular models will mostly commonly be replaced for the iPhone X.

In order to make the investigation fair, both devices were seen as having a cracked screen and unlocked from a network. The iPhone 6s was a 16Gb model and the iPhone 7 was 32Gb. This was continuous throughout the whole process. Five different buyback companies were investigated, ultimately revealing the recycler that offers the most money for a repaired/broken phone, while indicating the price difference between both conditions.


Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma Mobile are one of the biggest and most well-known device recyclers in the UK, who can forget their extremely catchy theme tune. Their efforts in the industry have not gone unnoticed, having won a bagful of accolades including Best Recycling Service at The Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017.

Unfortunately, the company’s prices for both devices, repaired and broken, are not award winning. You can expect in the region of £173 for a repaired iPhone 6s but only £60 for the latter. It’s a similar story for the iPhone 7 with price difference between the repaired and the broken models increasing to as much as £175.


Music Magpie

Another big name in the buyback community is Music Magpie. Another company that can be seen regularly on your television screen. Music Magpie do not limit themselves to only buying electrical devices. They also collect cds, games, dvds and books, one of their unique options that other recyclers do not offer.

Music Magpie offer consistently high prices for both models under investigation. When looking at the repaired models, you can expect £177 for an iPhone 6s and a whopping £330 for an iPhone 7. When looking to selling this model, there is a price difference of £202 if you were looking to sell the device in a broken condition.


Phones 4 Cash

Phones 4 Cash is a price comparison website that searches the web to try and find you the best deal for your mobile. The site works alongside other buyback companies showing the viewer the highest price among their partners. The company offer a best price guarantee on all products.

Similar to Music Magpie, Phones 4 Cash provide reasonable pricing for both repaired devices. When investigating the broken iPhones, the prices for a broken iPhone 6s could fetch in the region of £91 and £152 for an iPhone 7. Both of the broken devices were the highest priced among the other buyback companies, leading to a smaller price difference between the broken and repaired iPhone.



Fonebank is one of the popular buyback companies that specialises in the recycling of mobile phones. The company works alongside a numerous charitable partners such as Oxfam, Water Aid and National Trust. Not only do they work closely with these big charity names, you also have the choice to donate the cash from your mobile phone to a school or PTA of your choice.

When comparing the prices of both repaired iPhones in comparison to the broken devices, it became clear that there was a huge gap in estimated prices. When selling the iPhone 6s, you can expect an extra £120 when selling a repaired model. This difference increased to £210 for the iPhone 7.


02 Recycle

The telecommunications provider have become one of the dominant mobile phone recyclers over recent years. Recently, their efforts were credited by winning the Best Recycling Provider award at Mobile News Awards 2017 previously won by the likes of Mazuma Mobile and SIMS Recycling Solutions.

When selling your mobile with 02 Recycle there is a smaller price difference when comparing the value of a repaired and a broken iPhone. When trying to sell either a broken iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, you can expect half the price of a repaired model, producing a price difference of £82.50 and £142.50. Both significantly high in comparison to other recyclers.


Is the Repair Price a Worthwhile Investment?


So, the burning question is if you pay for a repair will you make more money when selling the phone, or should I just leave it in a non working condition?

For the iPhone 6s, you can expect to make a useful amount of profit after your device has been repaired. Here is an example:

iPhone 6s  – Fonebank
Price For Broken Phone                                        £50
Price for Repair: Screen Repair                                   £69.99
Price Paid For Repair Phone                                      £170
Profit Compared To Broken Phone                                    £50.01

You can gain a much higher profit for the iPhone 7, as can be seen in the example below:

iPhone 7 – Music Magpie
Price For Broken Phone                                       £128
Price for Repair: Screen Repair                                  £104.99
Price Paid For Repaired Phone                                       £330
Profit Compared to Broken Phone                                    £97.01

Fixing a screen is one of the most expensive repairs, the average price to fix a broken phone equates to just £40. All phones that are repaired with come with a 12-month warranty.

As you can see from the table above, the amount of profit you could make from repairing your phone could slash a large chunk off the asking price of the iPhone X, or if you have already bought it, help aid you with those heavy monthly contract payments.

If you are looking to get your iPhone repaired before selling the device, look now further then