Broken Mobile Phone Study: 57% of People Would Miss Calling Friends & Family

We don’t have to tell you how much people rely on mobile phones these days, almost everyone in the UK now owns a Smartphone of some kind and when you consider the kind of things that you can use a Smartphone for, people just can’t live without them.

Broken Phone Survey recently claimed that the average person spends 90 mins a day on their phone. They also suggested that this equated to up to 23 days a year and 3.9 days of a person’s life interacting with their phone. iMend believe that this figure will only increase as time goes on and people seem to become more reliant on what their phones can offer, addicted with updates and social interaction and more often than not run their lives from their precious device.

A broken mobile can be a stressful time

Broken Phone Survey

iMend, the UK’s nationwide mobile phone repair service knows that breaking your mobile phone can be a stressful time. Your phone is more than a calling or texting device, it’s your personal calendar, your calculator, your do to list, your alarm clock, your stop watch when your exercising – it’s actually forms a key part of how you run your day. When your screen is cracked or your phone not operating effectively, iMend understand the importance of getting your device back in order quickly to get your life back on track.

What would most people miss if they broke their phone?

We wanted to understand what people would miss if there phone was broken and out of use, so we created a survey as part of a recent competition that we published across our social channels. We wanted to know what people would primarily miss most if their phone was broken. We expected most people to say that they would miss using their favourite social media tool, or Facebook chat or even online gaming.

iMend were surprised to see that us good Old Brits, despite having the whole of the world wide net at their finger tips, would primarily miss calling friends and family if our phone was broken.

Out of the people we surveyed the break down was 59% male vs 41% female.

What People Would Miss If Their Phone Was Broken Infographic

Britain are a bunch of old softies

57% of people said that they would miss calling friends and family which tells us that Britain’s are really just softies deep down and love to communicate with those that are nearest and dearest. A massive 67% of the people that would miss calling family and friends if their phone was broken were female, with 33% being male. This clearly shows that females are more family orientated than the males we surveyed.

Surprisingly people wouldn’t miss Facebook as much as we initially thought, with the social media giant only getting 22% of the overall vote.

What we did find out is that a lot of people enjoy logging onto Facebook to check gossip and what others are up to; we are a nosey nation aren’t we?


Texting is still popular but is not as widely missed

Texting was another relatively popular answer we saw in our survey with 13% saying that they would miss the ability to send out texts, with one man expressing the fact that he would miss texting his girlfriend…ahhh…definitely earning some boyfriend points right there Darren, well done!


The last piece of the pie was Apps, something that we all benefit from each day. Whether you are checking the weather, planning your route to work or checking your email, apps are a delight to have on your Smartphone. 8% of the people we surveyed said that they would miss things such as Google Maps, SnapChat, and of course the popular game Candy Crush.

candy crush

Aside from the ‘normal’ answers we also had some other great comments that we would like to share with you.

Sammy claimed that she doesn’t actually use her phone that much, but nonetheless she keeps it by her side at all times.


Paula says that she would miss the useless notifications that she gets. We know what you mean Paula, all those operating system notifications and random Facebook pop-ups from conversations that you commented in.


Finally we definitely feel for Brian because if his phone broke, he claims he would miss the next bus as he keeps his timetables on his phone! That could be a long walk home for your Brian…



The survey taken certainly shed some light on what people would miss the most if their phone was broken, so what would you miss the most if your faithful device suffered from a broken screen or water damage?

Don’t forget if you need your phone repairing quickly then we have a nationwide service available, and can send out a local iTech to you to fix your phone and get it looking shiny and new. We promise to get it back to you quickly, so you don’t suffer from phone separation syndrome.

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