Broken iPhone Screen – What Do I Do Next?

A broken iPhone screen can be annoying and disruptive, damaging the aesthetics and functionality of your beautifully crafted iPhone and potentially causing you downtime.

Causes of a Broken iPhone Screen

There are 100’s of ways to cause a cracked iPhone screen. Some of the most common ways are dropping your phone on a pavement or hard flooring, sitting down with the phone in your back pocket or placing your phone at the bottom of your handbag. Here at iMend we have seen it all; ranging from children launching their parents phones down the stairs, a bewildered owner leaving their beloved phone on top of a car; and many alcohol induced accidents that leave both the owner and phone more than a little worse for wear.

cracked iphone screen

Don’t worry; there are a number of best practice steps that can take you through to identify the depth of the problem and provide a solution that fits your budget and reduces your hassle factor.

So, is it worth fixing my cracked iPhone screen?

It’s true that up to a third of iPhone owners with a cracked iPhone screen will not repair it. Although your phone may still be functioning, it is fair to say that an iPhone screen that is cracked will not stand the test of time as well as a phone with the screen intact.

1. Retaining the value in your iPhone is important

Firstly; if you want to trade your iPhone in and achieve its maximum value when you upgrade, it is important that you keep it in a good working order.; is a site for selling your old mobile phone and shows you how much your phone is worth. SellMyMobile shows the prices of a working and non working phone. If you have a cracked iPhone screen your phone would be classed as broken and you would get less for it. Fixing your iPhone would mean it is classed as working and you would get the full value for it.

As an example if you sold your iPhone 5S as a broken phone you would only get £63 back. If you repair the phone screen it will cost you £69.99 with our mail-in service, and then you could see the iPhone for a working price of £210. This will in-turn give you an extra £77.01 by having your phone repaired.

This demonstrates that it is worth having your broken iPhone screen repaired to ensure when you trade your phone in that you can optimise the full value of the phone.

2. The cost and time of repairing the screen is probably better than you expect

Some customers have reported to that they have been put off repairing their iPhone screen because their mobile phone insurance excess has in some instances been up to £150. Largely, this is much higher than the standard costs of repairing an iPhone screen, which with can be as little as £39.99 for an iPhone 4S cracked screen and £69.99 for an iPhone 5S broken screen (prices as of 02/01/2015).

Often customer’s initial reaction is to go to Apple to repair their iPhone cracked screen. This can be an expensive option on older models and although the quality is always guaranteed, it can often take time to book an appointment to get your repair done. can offer a same day repair service via their nationwide call out service.

3. Leaving your iPhone screen cracked will lead to long term damage

Thirdly, if you leave the iPhone with a cracked screen for many weeks your phone is more vulnerable to further damage. A broken iPhone screen also means that your iPhone is susceptible to water damage and ingression. If water or a high volume of steam leaks/seeps into your iPhone via the crack on the screen there is the potential that the phone can short circuit and then the iPhone will not be able to be repaired. would always recommend that having your screen fixed is the best option available to protect the value and life expectancy of your iPhone.

iMend your broken iphone screen

What is the immediate action if you have a cracked iPhone screen?

If you have cracked your screen particularly badly, we would always advise caution in operating the phone, as small shards of glass could put splinters in your finger or more seriously if placing the phone next to your ear leave small pieces of glass in your ear.

1. Composition of the iPhone Screen

An iPhone screen repair doesn’t just fix the glass on your phone it actually fixes a number of problems. This is because the iPhone screen is not just made up of glass, it is actually made up of 4 bonded parts including the glass that can all affect the functionality of your phone and display if they are dropped or smashed against something.

John McNally, Head of Repairs at states that there are 4 elements that make up a front screen on an iPhone.

The schematic below shows the 4 key parts of the iPhone screen. For illustrative purposes only, we have broken down a damaged screen to show you how a front screen is built up. This is obviously not how a new screen would look.
Parts of an iPhone

1. Glass – the glass provides a protective layer over the LCD and digitiser layers.

2. Screen Retaining Frame – this holds the digitiser, LCD and glass together.

3. Digitiser layer – the digitiser controls the touch elements of your iPhone and your touchscreen.

4. LCD – (Liquid crystal display) – this is the actual visual display that displays the images.

John states that…. “you cannot just replace one of these elements. If you have damaged the glass the screen comes as one composite part with the four of these parts moulded together.”

John continues; “Some non reputable shops claim that they can just replace the glass as part of the repair for a cheaper price. iMend strictly advises against this. In cases of this nature the phone technician will simply scrape the glass away from the other parts and this will not perform a long term robust, adequate or effective repair”.

Broken iPhone Screen Being Fixed

2. What things could be wrong with your iPhone after dropping it on its screen?

The next step is to determine what potentially could be wrong with the phone resulting from dropping or smashing the phone.

At iMend, we run through a number of questions relating to the cracked screen.

A. Have you cracked or smashed the glass on the front of your iPhone?

Cracked iPhone screen

B. Do you have a faulty or broken LCD display? This can be assessed by asking the following questions:

  • Is your phone still lighting up?
  • Does it have a blank screen?
  • Is there a change of colour on your screen or the appearance of lines, red or multi coloured lines or patches of colours?

LCD Failure

C. Touch sensing problems from the digitiser. This can be assessed by asking the following things?

  • Is your touch screen reactive?
  • Is the finger swipe working?
  • Are your apps launching themselves?

Broken iPhone Screen CheckAn iPhone screen repair will fix any of the above issues. iMend always replace the complete front screen on your device, which includes the front glass, touch screen digitiser and LCD display and of course the frame.

What repair options are available to you?

There are a number of repair options available to you. iMend would always advise that you get your screen repaired by a reputable mobile phone repair technician to ensure the work is carried out to a high standard and to ensure the repair comes with a warranty.

Is fixing the iPhone screen yourself an option?

iMend see a high proportion of botched mobile phone repairs from DIY kits, and advise caution with this approach as unless this is done very carefully it can cost you more money having to repair the phone later down the line and if you make a mistake you potentially run the risk of losing the full value of your phone.

Trying to Fix a Phone Yourself

If you choose to mend the smashed screen yourself, you can source your replacements screens from a UK seller on Amazon or Ebay. The prices listed may look quite attractive but this doesn’t factor in the time and accuracy that is required to fix the phone yourself. If you lose one screw you may have to start all over again, and if you make a mistake you could irreversibly damage your iPhone.

Always be sure to purchase a single piece screen that comprises the glass, digitiser and LCD. Do not buy the glass-only parts. Purchasing just the glass or odd part will not repair your phone successfully. Having just the glass can cause typing or selection misalignment which can in most cases, make your touch screen unresponsive and incorrect.

As well as purchasing the one piece front screen unit, you need to ensure that the kit has the correct tools included. If attempting to repair your own screen we advise that you watch several YouTube tutorials in great detail to ensure that you know which screws need to be removed, how to successfully remove the broken screen glass and how to connect the wires back upon completion.

If the incorrect part is installed then you can end up causing short circuit damage, lose all data and render the device useless. Please remember that there are up to 13 screws in an iPhone 5 screen replacement and 14 in an iPhone 5S screen replacement and half of these screws are different sizes and threads, so if you place one incorrect screw in the wrong place, you can irreversibly damage your phone.

Fixing an iPhone yourself can be done, but in our professional opinion it is not worth the risk. You might save yourself a small amount of money but the first time you attempt to repair an iPhone yourself on average will probably take between 2 – 3 hours; and most importantly if you make a mistake you could damage your iPhone beyond repair and lose the full value.

The recommended repair option

As with any skilled trade, it takes a professional hand to repair or replace parts and we would advise that you go to to book in a repair. We offer you both a Mail-in service and a Call-Out service. With our Call-out service one of our experienced technicians will come out to you at work or home and repair your iPhone securely in front of you in about 30 minutes. repair the full range of iPhones:

  • iPhones 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S,
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5,
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G

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