Running Out of Space? Top Tips to Improve iPhone Storage

I can remember the days where 16GB on a phone was more than enough to save photos, videos, apps and music. To be honest those days weren’t that long ago either, we are talking within the last couple of years. The big issue we face now as mobile phone owners is that with the ever-increasing advancements in technology such as HD video, camera quality and apps, there comes a need for larger storage devices because the end result from recording an HD video or taking an HD photo is huge file sizes.

Improve iPhone Storage

Heck, even operating systems are running up to the 5GB mark which instantly takes up over 30% of iPhone storage space on a 16GB phone.

Sometimes though you don’t necessarily want to upgrade your phone and pay hundreds of pounds to get a bigger storage capacity phone, and with iPhones in particular there are no expandable memory slots that can enable you to buy a separate SD card.

So what’s the alternative? How can we free up some space on our phones and clean it up in the process? Lucky for you the iMend boffins have been busy finding ways to free up and improve iPhone storage space and have compiled our top 8 hit list of things you can take action on right now.

Apple Watch – What to Expect From The Spring Forward Event

In case you missed our post from this morning, we highlighted all the key places to either watch live video streams of the event or where to keep an eye on live blog commentary. You can catch up with that post here.

Apple Watch Line Up

For those who want to know more about what to expect from the event, which is now less than 2 hours away then continue reading…

Where Can I Watch The Apple Launch Event?

Cast your minds back about 6 months ago, when Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You may remember at the end of the event they spent around 30 minutes talking about a new device that would be hitting the stores across the World, that of course was the Apple Watch. The only real drawback was that this device was due for launch some 6 months after. A date we have now hit.

Apple Watch

For many it has been a long wait, but later today we are expected to see the Watch in all it’s glory, in an event called ‘Spring Forward’ which will be held in San Francisco, at the Yerba Buena Center.

Samsung Unveil Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Flagship Handsets

Samsung Galaxy S6

For Samsung fanatics, the anticipation, speculation and rumours are all over. The tech giants have finally announced that two new phones will be hitting the market as early as April 10th. Yes, you read that correctly, there will be TWO new phones which is sure to spark Android vs iOS debates, as this sounds very similar to the last two Apple iPhone events where we have seen a couple of phone choices.