iMend Open New Repair Centre are proud to open their revamped repair centre. Boasting a spacious layout, purpose-built workstations and state-of-the-art equipment, iMend has upgraded their facility with the future in mind.

As iMend continues to grow, the repair hub is designed to manage the increasing number of postal and bulk repairs arriving on site each day, improving the experience for all customers and business users alike.

Would you like to see the finished product? Take a virtual tour of the new repair centre by viewing the gallery below:


Is your phone or tablet in need of repair?  Visit our website or call our friendly customer service team on: 0333 014 4262 and book your repair today.

Google Pixel 2 Screen Replacement – Top 5 Tech Tips

We have recently added over 25 new models to our website, with repairs now available for Samsung J5 (2017), Sony Xperia XA2 and LG V30, alongside other popular Mobile Phones and Tablet repairs.

Among our new additions is Google’s latest flagship phone – Google Pixel 2.


As the photo indicates, the device has been dropped on its corner cracking the screen and bruising the LCD. Watch this Google Pixel 2 undergo a screen replacement in the video below:

Completing this repair takes skill and precision. Our Android expert has put together 5 tips all professional technicians follow when performing this repair:

Google Pixel 2 Screen Replacement – Top 5 Tech Tips 

A Google Pixel 2 Screen Replacement is difficult and should not be attempted unless you are an experienced in Mobile Phone Repairs. Here are some top tips on how to fix a broken Google Pixel 2 Screen.

  • Before attempting to prise open the screen, the device must be heated on a hotplate or with a heat gun for approximately 30 seconds. This softens the strong adhesive, making it much easier to split.
  • There are two covers over the screen connector. Use tweezers and a plastic spludger to remove, but do not to apply too much force as connectors are prone to being damaged.
  • Once the new screen has been reconnected, it’s essential to perform a screen test. By testing all of the keys on the keyboard and dragging an App around the screen, we can search for any dead pixels or defects.
  • Before applying the strong adhesive, all glue should be removed. Any glue can lead to the screen sitting uneven on the mid-frame. Isopropanol alcohol rub is perfect for cleaning up the device.
  • Once the screen has been fitted, tape is fitted around the phone keeping the repair solid, allowing the glue to set and form without the risk of the bonding separating.

Once the glue has set, the device is quality checked and shipped back to its owner.

If you would like to book a Google Pixel 2 Screen Replacement, look no further than Click here to see our range of repairs.

Premium Refurbished iPhones – Now Available At

Premium Refurbished iPhones (3)

Are you in need of a new phone but don’t want to break the bank? According to Android Central, 1 out of 10 mobile phones sold across the world are now refurbished.

What is a Refurbished Mobile Phone?

A Refurbished Phone is generally a used or faulty phone that has been refurbished back to a good condition. The refurbished option presents great value compared to a brand new phone.


Why Should I Consider Buying a Refurbished Phone?

The price of a brand new phone is on the rise with a new iPhone X worth £999 and an average contract per month around £90, a better value option is to pair a Sim-Only Deal with a Refurbished Phone for as little as £7.99 a month, saving hundreds of pounds over the lifetime of a typical contract.


Why would you buy an iMend Refurbished iPhone? are already well known in the mobile phone space as one of the most trusted nationwide Mobile Phone Repair businesses. After recently joining the Eco Renew Group, are now able to source Premium Refurbished iPhones.

Here are the key features for iMend’s Premium Refurbished Phones:

– Highest Quality Product On The Market

– Remanufactured to New using Genuine Parts

– Zero Signs of Usage

– Looks identical to a new iPhone

– Unlocked – works on any Network

– Boxed with Genuine Accessories

– Next Day Delivery

– 12 Month Warranty

– Satisfaction Guarantee – 14-Day Full Refund Policy

To find out more, please contact Sarah at iMend on: 0333 014 4262 or email: Acquired By EcoRenew Group

iMend Now Part of the Same Group as Mazuma Mobile Logo Logo, the UK’s leading nationwide mobile phone repair brand, are very pleased to announce that we have now joined the EcoRenew group of companies.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2006 EcoRenew are one of the world’s leading and largest mobile phone refurbishment specialists.

EcoRenew is a truly global business with almost 1500 staff across operations in the Philippines, China, UK, USA, Japan & UAE and turnover in excess of $300 million. State of the art factories across 3 continents produce 80,000+ refurbished smartphones every month and with a strong environmental commitment there is 0% waste to landfill.

Keir McConomy, Founder and CEO of comments on the acquisition “We are really pleased and proud to be part of the EcoRenew Group. It is a perfect strategic fit. The vision for iMend has always been to create the very best phone repair service in the world and this acquisition will enable this to happen. EcoRenew’s resources will allow us to continue to improve our service to our customers, supercharge iMend’s growth and fully realise the brand’s global ambitions so these are exciting times for us”

Acquisition of
Keir McConomy iMend CEO and Mark Chambers EcoRenew CEO

As well as iMend, as part of its global expansion EcoRenew has recently acquired 2 other businesses in the UK – Mazuma Mobile and ICT Reverse.

ict reverse logo
mazuma mobile logo is well recognised by many as the market-leading no. 1 brand in the UK for getting the best value for trading in your old mobile phone or tablet. Offering same day payment for your old mobile device Mazuma is the most trusted phone recycler brand in the UK. ICT Reverse is the UK’s leading, fully accredited reverse logistics company for IT assets. It specialises in helping large enterprises recycle and data wipe electronic equipment such as PCs, laptops, servers, etc. 

For more information about EcoRenew and our group companies please see:

Structure of the EcoRenew Group

What Does This Mean For iMend Customers?

This is great news for iMend customers as it means iMend is now part of a much bigger global group with more resources.

EcoRenew are the world’s leader in mobile device refurbishment so have some of the best technical skills in the world plus state of the art high-tech facilities. Having access to these resources iMend customers will benefit from any even greater focus on quality. Plus EcoRenew will be investing heavily in iMend to expand the business and improve the service even further for customers.

So in summary, it’s all good news for iMend customers as the service and quality to our customers will continue to get better and better!

Premium Refurbished iPhones Now Available From

As stated above EcoRenew are one of the biggest mobile phone refurbishment specialists in the world. They specialise in particular in the refurbishment of Apple iPhones and produce high volumes of exceptional quality refurbished iPhones for large telecoms and insurance customers. The other advantage of iMend being part of the EcoRenew Group is that this range of premium refurbished iPhones are now available to iMend’s customers.

How are EcoRenew’s Refurbished iPhones different?

EcoRenew don’t just refurbish iPhones, they completely Remanufacture them back to new

The company operates a state of the art factory in Manila in the Philippines employing 1000+ people producing 80,000+ refurbished iPhones per month. The company uses the latest technology and innovative approaches to refurbishment to produce the highest quality product in the market. The devices are not just cosmetically refurbished, each device is completely disassembled and every single component is refurbished and remanufactured and then rigorously tested.

What is truly unique about the process is that each device is completely remanufactured back to brand new condition with zero signs of use using all genuine parts so the quality is unparalleled. Our devices look exactly like brand new devices. The only difference is the price!

For more information about our unique iPhone Remanufacturing process see the following video of our facility:

There is a huge demand from consumers and business customers right now for refurbished phones. Savvy customers these days want the best value and many now prefer to buy refurbished devices rather than brand new as they are much better value. Why buy a brand new phone when you can buy a refurbished one that looks and functions like brand new for much less? Many are also buying refurbished devices to pair with sim-only contracts that offer better value

Our range of fully remanufactured iPhones are perfect to meet this demand as they look exactly like brand new phones but at a fraction of the cost. Each device comes boxed with genuine accessories and all devices come with a 12 month warranty.

We believe these are the highest quality refurbished iPhones in the market today and are now available through iMend. All models of refurbished iPhones are available to buy including iPhone 6 / 6s / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus. If you are interested in purchasing any of our range of Premium Refurbished iPhones please contact our team on 0333 014 4262 or

About are the UK’s leading nationwide mobile phone repair brand. iMend provides a market leading phone repair solution to both consumers and businesses. What is unique about the iMend service is that it has a national network of 200+ expert repair technicians that can go out to customers same day at their workplace or home to fix their phone securely at their convenience.

iMend repairs all makes and models of phones and tablets including Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Google, HTC, etc. and is 5* rated on Trustpilot with reviews from thousands of happy customers. iMend repairs over 100,000 devices every year and all repairs come with a 12 months warranty

For more information please go to or view the iMend video here:

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