Apple Watch – What to Expect From The Spring Forward Event

In case you missed our post from this morning, we highlighted all the key places to either watch live video streams of the event or where to keep an eye on live blog commentary. You can catch up with that post here.

Apple Watch Line Up

For those who want to know more about what to expect from the event, which is now less than 2 hours away then continue reading…

There Will be Three Watch Types

Apple have already confirmed a lot of details on the Apple Watch, back in September at the end of the keynote speech for the iPhone 6 launch. What we do know is that there will be three watches in the collection, the Apple Watch, a sports version of the watch (Apple Watch Sport), and a luxury watch (Apple Watch Edition).

Apple Watch Collection

These aren’t going to be cheap, with rumoured prices being set at £300+

The Apple Watch will also come in two different sizes, the standard size of 1.5-inches tall, and then a larger model which is 1.65-inches tall. Other than that the sizes are the same.

A Sapphire Display

The new Sapphire display will also carry NFC technology, which means you can pay for items in your local supermarket by swiping your wrist over the payment terminal, just like you would with a contactless bank card.

The resolution of the standard 1.5-inch phone is set at 272 x 340 whilst the larger screen is said to be 312 x 390. Some reports are guessing that 300 pixels per inch is definitely on the cards here but we will find out for sure in a couple of hours.

There is also a crown button on the side which will be your main controller, allowing you to scroll, zoom and select many options and features as you navigate around the watch.

6 Custom Cases and Straps

Take your pick! Apple are launching a range of customised cases as you can see from the image below. You can select from silver aluminium, stainless steel and even 18-carat gold casings.

Apple Watch Cases

If that’s not enough you will also be given the opportunity of looking at 6 different types of watch straps, from sport bands, modern buckles and loop bracelets. Whatever you are using the watch for will determine which strap will best suit you.

Apple Watch Straps

9 Watch Faces

Apple Watch Faces

Finally you have the actual watch faces to choose from which come in 9 different formats, all ranging in style and design. Apple won’t just stop at 9 faces however, if they do you can be sure that third-party setups will start producing custom made watch faces.

Apple Watch Apps

Then we have to think about the apps that will come with the watch, and there won’t be just a couple to install. We are going to be talking about hundreds of apps launched, possibly even tipping the 1,000 mark.

Developers have been given access to these tool kits for months now, and have had the opportunity to design and test Apple Watch compatible apps for this very day.

Where to Watch The Event Unfold

Again, just in case you missed our post this morning, here are the places you can watch live video streams and follow live blog commentary on the event.