5 Ways To Reduce Mobile Phone Waste

On 22nd April, millions of people across the world will be celebrating Earth Day, playing their part in making this world a greener place to live. It’s a great platform to raise awareness of environmental impacts such as climate change, water pollution and disposable waste.

It’s no secret that electronic waste is a growing concern across the globe. According to theworldcounts.com, almost 40 million tons of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products are thrown out of homes & workplaces each year and to make matters worse – only 20% of all electronics are being recycled. 

That’s a rather terrifying statistic. But what can be done to counteract this growing problem? How can we become more sustainable in a country where over-consumption is rampant? For this article, iMend.com are showing you simple ways to help reduce Mobile Phones and Tablet waste – however these helpful tips are transferable across other electrical appliances:

If it’s broken, get it repaired

Does your Mobile Phone or Tablet have a smashed screen? This isn’t an indication to throw it away! Just one simple repair can give your device a new lease of life.

Unfortunately, Mobile Phones and Tablets break. It’s stated that the average time from buying to breaking is around 10 weeks, however with the average Mobile Phone costing over £500, most people are no longer looking for a swift replacement – repairing your device is the more sound option. Using a Mobile and Tablet Repair Services like iMend.com is an effective and trusted way of knowing you will get your phone fixed correctly, by using only the highest quality parts and ensuring your device will get a second life.


iPhone Repair

Give your phone a new lease of life by getting it repaired


Ultimately, prevention is better than correction. It’s simple but buying both a durable phone case and a tempered glass screen protector are two simple but effective ways to prevent a smashed screen. Although you cannot stop a battery from dying, try not to over charge your device and always avoid using replica charging cables as these are two common actions that will kill your battery prematurely.

Do you really need an upgrade?

Everybody loves to purchase something new. Once a Mobile Phone or Tablet contract comes to an end, for most, it’s the norm to purchase the next model up or the latest flagship phone on the market – paying a small upfront fee followed by a monthly instalment plan.

Previous studies suggested that the average person will upgrade there phone every 18-months, however with the introduction of 2-year and 30-month contracts, this statistic has risen to an average of 21.3 months. That’s great for sustainability, meaning people are less inclined to change devices as frequently as past years. But even with this improved stat, a phone’s life exceeds much more than the figures above…

Ditching the upgrade and moving to a Sim-Only Contract while keeping your current device is far more ethically sound. With Sim-Only Contracts starting from as little as £5.00 a month, not only would you be saving yourself money but you will also be playing your part in reducing E-Waste.

Gift it to a loved one or charity

The average person has over £1000 worth of unused gadgets in their home. Could these deserted electronics be in the hands of somebody who would cherish and use them everyday?


Is your old tablet or phone gathering dust? Why not gift it to a loved one


Get the most out of your unwanted items by gifting to those in need, maybe your Son or Daughter, Grandma or Grandad. If not your family and friends, charities such as British Heart Foundation and Cat’s Protection are more than willing to take them. Another great option would be to donate your phones to local causes such as homeless shelters and your tablets to a school or learning facility.

Sell it to a buyer/store

There are many companies and stores out there that are willing to buy your old Mobile Phone or Tablet for cash or store credit. Many will determine the price of your device on three factors: the model, the GB and the condition. It’s a great way to make money from a device you no longer want.

When selling to a store or buyer, such as Game and CEX, your device will be tested, data wiped and put into the store window ready for it’s next owner. Depending on its condition, phones that damaged or broken may are refurbished back to working condition and sold back to the consumer. Click here to see the great benefits of buying a Premium Refurbished Phone.

If it’s past the point of no return, recycle

Sometimes a gadget cannot be fixed. Issues such as liquid damage or a broken motherboard can leave your device beyond the point of repair. When this happens it’s best to recycle the device. Recycle companies such as Mazuma Mobile.com will still buy your broken Mobile Phone or Tablet. Just ensure that all data and security details are wiped before you send it to the respected recycle company.

If you are looking to get your Mobile Phone or Tablet repaired, look no further than iMend.com, Click here to see our full range of repairs.