5 Top Tips For Smartphone Survival This Festival Season

With this sudden burst of sunshine sweeping across the UK, have you already booked tickets for your favourite festivals? Whether your into the heavy sounds of Download Festival or the quirky scenery of Boomtown Fair, there is a festival out there for everyone.

No matter which festival you are attending your mobile phone is sure to follow. From videoing your favourite live bands to ringing your lost friends, your phone plays an important part of festival life.

Keep your phone safe during festival season. Here are 5 top tips for smartphone survival:

Put A Password On Your Device

In case the worst happens and you lose your Mobile Phone, it is essential that it’s password protected. Without the a personalised code your private details could be at the hands of anyone. If you don’t already have a password on your phone… do it now.


Protect your personal data. Put a passcode on your phone 


Buy A Waterproof Phone Case

As many of you know, the weather during festival season can be unpredictable. Why not invest in a waterproof case to protect it from the elements? You can find waterproof cases for as cheap as £10 (dependent on make & model). For those not willing to invest, a resealable sandwich bag will do the trick!

Be Cautious When Charging Your Phone

If you are one of the thousands of people who’s smartphone runs out of charge after day 1, be wary of what you use to recharge it. Many portable chargers and non genuine leads are known to cause power surges, damaging the motherboard’s charging capabilities.


Use Genuine Chargers

Battery drained? Use official charging stations and avoid using non-genuine chargers


Alternatively, put your phone on to Battery Saver Mode (Low Power Mode on iOS) throughout the duration of the festival. This will reduce your phone’s performance but sustain it’s battery life.

Lanyards Save Phones

Keeping your phone in your pocket over festival season can be risky business. With all of the moshing and jumping around, it’s easy for it to leap from your pocket to the muddy floor below. Attach a lanyard to your phone and keep it safe around your neck away from harsh weather and accidental drops.

Take A Cheap Alternative

If you are worried about taking your expensive smartphone to a festival, why not take a cheap alternative. Do you have an old phone lugging around the house or have you recently upgraded, they are the perfect festival phone. You can enjoy your weekend without the worry of breaking or losing your beloved device.


Swap the new for the old. Take a cheap phone and worry less!


If you don’t have a spare, there are many cheap, robust phones on the market. You can now pick up a phone for as cheap £10, something that will not eat away at your festival funds.

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