5 Mobile Phone Breaks You Really Need to See

broken phone

In our time we have seen it all when it comes to mobile phone breaks. Whether it’s a shattered screen, a phone sent in a sock or a bent out of a shape case. That’s why we have decided to get all of our photos together and select our top 5 mobile phone breaks to show you.


Someone Clearly Got Peckish

iPhone for Lunch

Then realised they were eating their iPhone.


If The iPhone 6 Can Bend, Then…

bent iphone

…Oh dear.


Tried Turning it On and Off?

Bullet Phone

You have? Try doing it one more time.


Get Off The Phone or I Will…


…too late.


Crushed: This Phone Was in Bits

bad day iphone

Some TLC from iMend soon made it feel better though ;).

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