10 Festival Apps to Help you Make the Most of this Summer

The summer is now upon us which means one thing; we are at the start of the festival season with plenty to look forward to for the year ahead.

10 Festival Apps to Help you Make the Most of this Summer
With 72% of people now owning a Smartphone in the UK it means that more people are using their phones to download and install apps, so we wanted to help you make the most of the festival season by offering 10 of the best apps. (source: mobilemarketingmagazine.com)

Whether you are looking to Shake it Off with Taylor Swift, or Headbang to Slipknot, these handy apps will make life a little easier.

App 1 – Car Sharing App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

Car sharing festival app

The Bla Bla Car sharing app is setup perfectly for festival goers because it allows you to reduce the stress and hassle of having to use public transport services such as trains, coaches and shuttle buses.

The idea is that you save money on your journey by looking for people that are driving from your area, to your festival location. You can choose to travel in cars based on musical tastes and details on the other passengers are give out on the app, such as age, rating and whether they allow pets or smokers in the car.

App 2 – Festival Ready App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

Festival Ready App

If you want everything under one roof then the Swiss Army knife styled app is worth downloading, and funnily enough its makers are Victorinox who are the manufacturing company behind the original Swiss Army knife.

You can check the weather, navigate around using a 3D map, torch, packing checklist and ticker messaging all from under this one app.

App 3 – Find my Friends App

Available on: Android
Cost: FREE

Find my Friends App

This app can be used in several different occasions in a variety of events, but for Festivals this is priceless. Find my Friends will allow you to do exactly what it says on the tin, because there is nothing worse than getting split up from your friends during different acts.

If your friends install the app their photo will appear on a map which will allow you to track them down easily.

App 4 – Virtual Zippo Lighter App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

Virtual Zippo Lighter App

What is a festival without a lighter being waved in the air? If you don’t smoke or have no reason to carry a lighter then the best alternative is to use a Virtual Zippo Lighter which can be downloaded for free on your phone.

The lighter shows a lighter on screen so you can wave your phone in the air and join in with the rest of the crowd. You can even choose custom skins.

App 5 – Drinking Water App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

Drinking Water App

With the hot summer sun and all that beer you will want to keep hydrated as much as you can at any festival. We can easily get lost in the events of the day so before you head out to a festival you can setup a reminder on your phone to notify you of when to drink water and how much you need to drink.

This is all nicely presented in a graph as well.

App 6 – Instagram App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

Instagram App

You most likely have this installed on your phone already, but if you haven’t then it’s worth adding it and setting yourself up an account. Instagram offers a great platform to edit photos with styles from vintage looks to classic frames.

You can then upload these to instagram, tag in your friends and hashtag your keywords. Perfect!

App 7 – First Aid App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

First Aid App

Accidents are everywhere at festivals, whether you have been bruised and battered in Moshpit mayhem or cut yourself on a glass bottle, the First Aid App can come in extremely handy.

The app will pass you through the steps that you need to take in any emergency, and offer video guides in some cases where you need to follow a visual procedure. This app could make all the difference so its worth keeping on your phone.

 App 8 – Weather App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

Weather App

If you want a dedicated weather app that will help predict the weather where you are, and offer hourly updates on changes then the AccuWeather app is a good shout, after all we can’t trust the British weather can we?

The app offers minute by minute updates for your GPS location, and is proven to be the most accurate weather app out there.

App 9 – Battery Saver App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

Battery Saver App

The Battery Doctor will effectively help manage your battery and extend your battery life at festivals this summer. The app will kill any power-hungry apps that you have running but aren’t using.

This will come in handy if your battery is on its last legs. There is also a task killer app that will help manage your Wi-Fi connections, data, screen brightness and other important battery saving features.

 App 10 – Twitter App

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE

Twitter App

We don’t need to tell you what Twitter is as you have already heard of it, but following hashtags, posting tweets and photos is what this is all about during festival seasons.

With Twitter you can jump onto hashtags that are trending such as #VFestival and post photos of your favourite acts on stage which anyone can see.

Notable Festival Dates for 2015

Finally here are some of the popular festivals arranged by date.

Festival Location Date
Radio 1’s Big Weekend Norwich May 23rd – 24th
Isle of Wight Festival Isle of Wight June 11th – 14th
Download Donington Park June 12th – 14th
Latitude Suffolk June 16th – 19th
Glastonbury Somerset June 24th – 28th
New Look Wireless Finsbury Park July 3rd – 5th
T in the Park Scotland July 10th – 12th
Cornbury Music Festival Great Tew Park July 10th – 12th
V Festival Weston Park August 22nd – 23rd
Reading & Leeds Festival Reading/Leeds August 28th – 30th
Creamfields Cheshire August 28th – 30th
The Big Festival The Cotswolds August 28th – 30th
Bestival Isle of Wight September 10th – 13th

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