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How To Redeem My Free Screen Protector

When Using Our Call-Out Service

  1. Head over to our Call-out section of the website where you can select the phone which needs a Screen Repair.
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When Using Our Mail-In Service

  1. Head over to the Mail-in section of the site where you can easily select the iPhone and Screen Replacement icon.
  2. After heading to the checkout, an ‘Add Glass Screen Protector’ pop-up will appear.
  3. Although the Screen Protector pop-up states an extra £9.99 will be added to your balance, the price will be deduced once the order is complete. Add this item to your cart.
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  5. You must enter the discount code: SP01
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Terms and conditions:

  • All terms and conditions of the offer remain the same.
  • The offer only runs on Friday 19th January 2018 until midnight on Friday 19th January.
  • The offer is open to our mail-in and call-out service.
  • Offers only available in UK.
  • The iMend team reserve the right to cancel or change the offer at any stage of the promotion.

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Most Popular Mobile Phone Repairs In 2017

iMend Most popular repairs header

With 2017 done and dusted, we thought it might be worth analysing the most popular repairs performed by technicians over the last year. A similar study was undertaken in 2015, indicating that the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 screen replacement were by far the most popular fixes for iOS and Android models respectively.

Three years have passed and the number of new mobile releases just keep on growing. With both Android and iOS devices producing new models faster than ever, it seems only right that we update the report.

The Screen Replacement Still Remains Victorious 

As you can expect, the most popular repair goes to (drum roll please) the screen replacement! Ditto our 2015 report, the screen replacement is undoubtedly the most popular repair at for both call out and mail in services. This is no surprise for our Commercial Director, Sarah Mcconomy;

“Screen replacements were always going to be the most popular mobile phone repair of 2017. More than a quarter of the country has been subject to an accidental drop or slip of the hand resulting in a broken screen and are walking round with a cracked screen. We repair 100’s of mobile phone screens a day so I was not surprised to see screen replacements top of the list.”

Our recent findings indicate the high demand for screen replacements, taking 40% of all repairs sent to our repair centre and a massive 70% of all call-out repairs.

Most Popular Android Repairs

imend android

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Replacement sits top of the Android list. After its release in April 2017, the number of devices making their way to our repair centre has rapidly increased, particularly in the last six months of last year. With over 20 million sold worldwide, there is no surprise to see this flagship phone in the number one spot. 

Although, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Replacement was not far behind taking almost 15% of all android repairs. With the device being over a year old, the number of broken screens and water damage issues has risen in comparison to 2016. This is expected, studies suggest that the average person will drop there new phone within 10 weeks of buying it.

iMend have also seen a large increase in the number of Sony devices being repaired, particularly the Sony XZ and XA models. The Sony Xperia X series has seen a resurgence in recent years, with many customers being drawn in by their sensational cameras and longstanding battery life.

Most Popular iOS Repairs

It’s time to switch sides and see the most popular repairs for iOS models. This may come as a shock, but the most common iOS repair of 2017 was the iPhone 6 Screen Replacement. It may have been released three years ago but still remains in the number 1 spot. The device features twice with both screen repairs and battery replacements making the top 5 spots. 

In second place is the iPhone 7 Screen Replacement. Being released at the end of 2016, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of repairs for this device over the last year, particularly via our call-out service. We expect by the end of next year, the iPhone 7 will surpass the iPhone 6 as the most popular iOS phone to repair.

Other popular repairs are iPhone 6S and iPhone 5 Screen Replacements. Devices just to miss out on a top 5 spot are the iPhone SE, 5C and 6 Plus, however with the recent release of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8+, these devices are expected to make the top 5 this time next year. 

The Most Popular Mobile Phone Repair Of 2017 Was…

iPhone 6

Well it’s safe to say that the iPhone 6 Screen Replacement is by far the most popular repair of 2017 and it doesn’t seem to be budging as we rollover to the new year.

“It’s no surprise this phone keeps getting repaired as more people hang onto older devices and opt for sim only deals rather than brand new contracts. With some SIM only deals available from as little as a fiver a month  – the iPhone 6 remains a very popular device that has great longevity. The iPhone 6 is still regarded as a brilliant phone and offers many fantastic features”, explained Sarah McConomy.

Although these devices did not make it into our top 5 lists, there have been a number of models, particularly Android, that have seen an a substantial growth in the number of repairs for 2017. Over the past year,  HTC models such as the One M9 and the One M8 have seen an increase in over 30% and 36% repairs respectively. But it’s the LG G5 that has seen the biggest rise with a mighty 42% increase in repairs. However, recent models such as the HTC M10 and the LG G6 are expected to flood our repair centre as the new year unfolds.

If your device did not make either of our top 5 lists – do not panic. are able to fix a wide range of mobile phone and tablet devices. Whether your phone is brand new or old and warn out, our expert technicians are on hand to repair your device to the highest quality.


iPhone 8 Repairs Available Via Call Out Service

Not long after adding the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to our mail-in repairs, it gives us great pleasure to announce that both devices can be fixed at the comfort of your own home/workplace via our nationwide call-out service.

Users with a broken iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus are now able to book a same-day or next-day repair from one of our 300 technicians. Our top iTechs will repair iPhone 8 / 8+ screens, batteries and charging ports all at a time and place that suits you.

We will fix your phone at a time or place that suits you!

Book an iPhone 8 Screen Replacement
PRICE: £139.99 plus £15 call out charge

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Book an iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement
PRICE: £159.99 plus £15 call out charge

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For more information relating to our iPhone 8 / 8+ repairs contact:
Call: 0333 014 4262 / Email:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement Guide

Over recent months, there has been a big increase in the number of Microsoft Surface Pro’s making their way to our repair centre. The devices are extremely popular among businesses, particularly accountants, designers and marketers. The slimline tablets are renowned for their exceptional processors, standout displays making them perfect for the ever-busy employee.

They may be extremely handy for businesses but repairing these devices is no easy task. Regarded as one of the most challenging tablets to repair, it takes a specialist with an expert eye to complete such a tricky procedure. Not many places in the UK are able to repair these devices, however, are Microsoft Surface Pro specialists, with a dedicated team handling all types of repairs.

Screen replacements on the Microsoft Surface series are particularly hard due to its fragile display assembly. If too much force is applied when removing or reattaching the screen, the display could either break or become faulty.

Here at iMend, we wanted to showcase the lengthy and tricky process of completing a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement. Check out the step-by-step process below:


Step 1: A heat gun is used on the outer edges of the Surface Pro warming the adhesive, making it soft and easy to split the display screen from the outer framework.


Step 2: After the display has been heated, the technician splits the strong adhesive between the framework and display assembly with a razor tool.


The glass on the Surface Pro is extremely brittle.

Step 3: The technician will start to pull the display assembly from the framework in a gentle manner. Too much force can break or damage the LCD and touchscreen connectors attached to both the screen and the motherboard.


Step 4: The heat gun is worked around the device, heating the strong adhesive while being split with the razor.


Step 5: Once the three sides (top, bottom and left hand side of the screen) have come away from the framework. The screen should be free to open.


Step 6: The battery is then disconnected, cutting all power from the device.


Followed by both the touchscreen and LCD connectors.

Step 7: Followed by both the touchscreen and LCD connectors.


The final side of the screen is heated. Once the adhesive has warmed, the screen is then removed.

Step 8: The final side of the screen is heated. Once the adhesive has warmed, the screen is then removed.


The technician will use tweezers to pick away at excess glue left by the previous display assembly.

Step 9: The technician will use tweezers to pick away at excess glue left by the previous display assembly.


Glue removing solution is rubbed over the remaining fragments of glue, leaving a clean frame.

Step 10: Glue removing solution is rubbed over the remaining fragments lumps and bumps, resulting in a clean frame.


The LCD connector is removed from the old assembly.

Step 11: The LCD connector is removed from the old screen and transplanted to the new assembly.


Step 12: Adhesive tape is applied to the edges of the framework.


Step 13: The LCD connector is then reattached to the Motherboard, along with the touch screen connector.


Step 14: The battery connector is then reconnected to the motherboard ahead of the screen test.


Step 15: The display is checked for dead pixels, lines in the screen and touchscreen responsiveness.


Step 16: The new display assembly is then gently placed and stuck into position, completing the screen replacement.

As you can see, completing a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement takes time, patience and precision. Our repair centre specialists have numerous years of experience in repairing leading mobile phones and tablets including all Surface models.

It’s always worth enquiring about a broken Microsoft Surface Pro. With the some of the devices costing as much as £2,000 to buy from new, it could end up being a costly paperweight!

If your business would like to book a Microsoft Surface Pro Screen Replacement, look no further than Click here to see our range of repairs.